The State of the PlayStation 3: Should you buy Sony's black behemoth?

2009 is upon us, and video games are a bigger cultural phenomenon than ever. Are you looking to join the party? Is the high definition beast from the former champion the best choice for the upscale and savvy consumer, or is it too late for this underdog to catch on?

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Mr_President_3578d ago

Wow this is hilarious. Keep the articles coming 360 fanboys. Lmao XD

Nathan Drake3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Unknown website?Check.

Questioning Ps3s value?Check.

Referring to an Article that has already been posted on N4G?Check.

Using VGchartz to further drive a flawed point?Check.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -

Alright determined FUD spreaders,time to approve this one :D

ErcsYou3578d ago

[email protected] theses " journalists" are [email protected] losing it... there is a reason that they are journalists and not financial advisors, or investors and it is because they don't even know what the [email protected] they are talking about. I don't even feel like explaining this subject " again " so ill just go back to doing what journalists don't , playing some video games...

3578d ago
HDgamer3577d ago

The article wants more traffic views.

SaiyanFury3577d ago

Wow...another one. I swear everyone is saving all of their Sony/PS3/BR knocking for the end of the year. There's been no less than 5-6 of these articles on N4G in the last 10 hours. How many more can we get in before 2008 ends?

I_am_rushin3577d ago

I also love how every random douche that blew his money on the 360 and sees the empty list of games for 2009, is now suddenly running his own website/blog and is an expert on marketing, economics, sales, etc.

Danja3577d ago

N4G is the biggest PS3 fanboy site ?

I really would like to see someone say that again...cuz ..N4G is obviously the site where your guaranteed to see a new anti PS3 article hit front page every 2 hrs...

wow seems like N4G hasn't changed much since 2007...cuz it's still being run by 360 fanboys...

Mozilla893577d ago

When I first came here it really seemed to be all 360 then PS3 now back to 360. I think the site just kinda swings back and forth between the two.

madpuppy3577d ago

C'mon Nate, are you a Linux user? :P

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Darkseider3578d ago

Damn looks like Gears 2 and Fable II have been played out and now they are all looking for Anti-PS3 articles. Well been fun today, leaving work and going home to play some LBP, Warhawk and R2 Co-op.

OuterHaven3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

The real question is how are the mods letting all these articles through?

We already know that PS3/Sony suck, fail, blow etc.etc.etc.

MasFlowKiller3578d ago

is not like it has a great 08 lineup, and o9 is probably going to be the same, yeah some sport game ply better in the black box and sony makes the best baseball game so wat, OK to get the full FFXII story you need a ps3 but guess what i never like to Finnish my books do am ok with that, killzone 2 has the entire industry talking but talk it cheat, lol, no if you call ur self a real gamer you need both the ps3 and 360, ok so if you dont have one then get one

Mozilla893577d ago

Are you saying you don't like Finnish books or you don't like to finish books and this is the reason you don't care that the previous FF games were on Sony platforms?