GamersInfo Review - Monster Jam: Urban Assault "I do not know anything about monster cars. Nor do I care to know much information about them. This is one of those things that dear old dad can be blamed for because he never expressed any interest in it. And neither did I as a child. Somehow, I feel validated in my disdain because Wikipedia doesn't have a single entry on "monster cars." (There is an entry on "monster trucks.") So perhaps I'm not really the proper person to judge how accurate anything is because I don't know a single thing about the topic (other than what I have seen on T.V. commercials). Or maybe I am because I will not be completely overjoyed at the mere thought of it. Well folks, welcome to the world of Monster Jam: Urban Assault for the PlayStation 2. And I want to run it over it, including burning it straight to the ground."

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