Final Fantasy 16 Has Hate Crimes, Drugs, and Prostitution According to Age Rating

Final Fantasy 16 will include hate crimes, drugs, and prostitution according to its Brazilian age rating, suiting its darker theme.

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Vengeance113858d ago

Perfect! Love when a game isn't afraid to go against what's deemed "acceptable" in these "modern" times. Keep it up!

jznrpg58d ago

Not sure what you are talking about . Plenty of entertainment explores these themes and always has ?

CrimsonWing6958d ago

I think he’s referring to censorship.

Eonjay57d ago

The Last of Us Part 2 was one of the most mature games ever and people were crushed by the burden of confronting it in it's uncensored form.

-Gespenst-58d ago

It's not unacceptable to depict a hate crime. What's unacceptable is depicting hate crimes as if they are a good thing (which is also not the same as depicting them as good through the eyes of / in the mind of a bad character).

jambola58d ago

too many people think they are the same
like any portrayal of something is "normalizing" it or glorifying it

RaiderNation57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I've always found it amusing that we have to somehow differentiate crimes against people of certain groups as "hate" crimes. As opposed to what, "love" crimes? Lol. As far as I'm concerned, any human who willfully commits a crime against another human is a hate crime regardless of what identity group the victim/perpetrator falls under.

GhostTurtle57d ago

Thank Christ we have you here to deem what's acceptable and unacceptable...

-Gespenst-57d ago

GhostTurtle: Pretty sus to be contrarian about this.

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shinoff218357d ago (Edited 57d ago )

None of that has been deemed unacceptable in these modern times. Music movies games all release to this day with all these same features if thats what you(not you specifically) wanna call it.


If you dont know why hate crimes is a thing IDK what to tell you. You either to young or a middle aged white male(which i am almost 40 and understand why). Check out a history book or google.

Vengeance113857d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Are you actually trying to say that white males don't receive hate crimes? I think there are more hate crimes against white males today than ever before thanks to the Woke mind disease. Not even just white males but white people in general, just look at "modern day" tv series like The Last of Us made by Neil Cuckman, erasing white characters every chance he gets. Look at the Little Mermaid, trying to race swap known characters purely because its "evil" to be white.
Check out google or just live in reality.

Shane Kim57d ago

I'm brown (middle eastern) and white males have my support. You can't voice an opinion as a white male today without being racist, bigot, misogynist or something else.

RaiderNation57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Lol Im saying its ALL bad. The mere fact that we are somehow trying to differentiate the level of "badness" by giving it different terminology is asinine IMO. So, somehow "my bad is badder than your bad" because of my identity group? It ALL bad. Humans committing crimes against other humans are ALL crimes of hate!

Adrian_v0157d ago

Yes, I'm sure Ariel having a darker skin color is on the same level as getting shot or beaten to death because of bias. Wtf is wrong with you people.

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GoodGuy0958d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Well its the medieval times after all. I want more dark FF games so this is good.

SullysCigar58d ago

Same here. A bit more gritty and not worrying about what 'today's world' makes of the world and times being portrayed.

Good on them for keeping it real, I say.

Aussiesummer58d ago

When has history ever mattered in a game recently?

autobotdan58d ago

Final Fantasy Grand Theft Auto Crossover DLC

Loktai57d ago

Dont say that til you see GTA6.. Tons of talk of cutting almost all of the "problematic" shit

andy8558d ago

Don't have a single worry for this FF with Yoshida at the helm. I think it'll be the best one since 12

shinoff218357d ago

ff12 wasnt that good though it was fairly boring. None of the characters drew me in and made me care. The story was pretty eh. The ps1 still has the best ffs imo. Good stories, world map, that old school didnt need changed due to younger people battle system. Perfect

andy8557d ago

Maybe to you which is fine but it was the last critically acclaimed one was my meaning

Loktai57d ago

True.. I do like the setting and basis of FF12 but yeah it has its boring parts and the battle system was like.... a betrayal LOL. I actually like the 13 games and they WERE well liked considering they kept making them.

andy8557d ago

@Loktai I'm a fan of the 13 trilogy too. For me those are the ones that it's sad have never been playable on PS4 in some form, along with MGS 4 and GTA 4. Be such a boost to the new tiers if those were added.

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