Sony Assigned Over 150 Employees to Aid The Callisto Protocol's Production

We already know that Sony contributed to the development of The Callisto Protocol, but the extent of its support may surprise you. Images of the credits – posted on ResetEra – reveal that around 150 employees from the platform holder’s Visual Arts Services Group and Malaysian team aided developer Striking Distance Studios on the project.

PlayStation often supports the creation of third-party titles by loaning out its state-of-the-art motion capture studios, and assisting on things like audio mixing and cinematics. But this looks like one of its biggest assignments on a non-first-party game to date, with the aforementioned 150 employees credited as contributing to the title.

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Sonyslave368d ago

Sony did the same for Capcom and Ea with Resi 8 and The last Order.

🤣 I guess people owe Matt Booty an apology for saying nothing out the ordinary for AAA studio getting hired to help each other.

VersusDMC68d ago

Exept Perfect Dark got help from Crystal Dynamics because people were leaving in droves. That's why it was brought up.

We all know outsourcing happens. Kudos to Sony for helping out that much a Multiplatform game though.

InUrFoxHole68d ago

So it's why they got the help... not the help it's self. Gotcha

jznrpg68d ago

@wiz7191 it looked like it had the power of Xbox 360 but was billed as having 13 Xbox ones ! 13 times the power was said . Just like16x the detail

FyBy68d ago

Sony doesnt do it for being nice :-)

ironmonkey68d ago ShowReplies(2)
CR7JUVE189768d ago

Yeah, except that unlike Crystal Dynamics, Sony did not Co-Develop the title with a presumed AAAA Studio. In fact, they did not co-develop this title at all.

HyperMoused68d ago

If only his parents changed his T's with X's, Maxx Booty would be an epic name

SaveFerris68d ago

Maxx Booty sounds like a name for a porn star.

lodossrage68d ago

there is a BIG difference here Sonyslave3

When Sony helped with Callisto project, it wasn't because the studio was losing developers.

Crystal Dynamics helped with the new Perfect Dark because the Initiative (Microsoft's AAAA studio) had developers leaving left and right.

There's nothing bad about outsourcing, but don't sit here and act like the situations are they same. One company got help because their own in-house developers kept leaving the company

Crows9068d ago

big difference here. How many studios help sony studios make their games? Where with perfect dark's AAAA studio couldnt handle it and needed a 3rd party to take over.

gangsta_red68d ago (Edited 68d ago )


There's always a "that's different because...." excuse.

generic-user-name68d ago

How dare they call out his attempt to compare apples to rotten oranges.

68d ago
lodossrage68d ago


What excuse?

This is Sony helping an outside developer on a multiplatform project. Not the other way around. This isn't some outside source helping Sony on own of their own projects.

Microsoft however got help from Crystal Dynamics for one of their own projects because the Initiative keeps losing developers.

So you have one powerhouse assisting another company
And the other powerhouse needing outside help on one of their own projects despite buying a bunch of studios recently.

So go ahead and tell me you don't see the difference there.

gangsta_red68d ago


So MS and the initiative got help on a project because they're a new development team that hasn't got off the ground yet and somehow that's different than Sony assisting another newly development team that hasn't fully staffed for complete development....


And other Sony games have also have had outside help for their games. Just recently Sony aquired Valkyrie studios who were best known for co-developing big time powerhouse developers including God of War. Capcom and Namco routinely help Nintendo and just about everyone else in the industry has had some form of outside help from big third party developers.

And maybe the reason another MS studios isn't helping is because they're busy with current projects or maybe they are, unless you have actual proof that they aren't.

But yes, this is all different because reasons...

Knushwood Butt68d ago

The Initiative was formed more than 4 years ago, with a bunch a veteran talent.

How long do they need to, 'get off the ground'?

lodossrage68d ago

Ok first off, let's not sit here and act like the Initiative doesn't have a ton of Veterans from all over the industry on it. In fact, that was one of the bragging points. They have people from all these studios: BioWare, Naughty Dog, Respawn Entertainment, Santa Monica Studio, Blizzard Entertainment, Insomniac Games and Rockstar. And their original head came from Crystal Dynamics. So I don't want to hear this "amateur" excuse.

And it's funny you mention Valkyrie Entertainment and I'm glad you did. Because this brings me back to another convo I had with someone here. When they were helping with God of War, Sony was cultivating them for an eventual purchase. Do you really think they "needed" them for God of War? Giving an untested company a small portion of responsibility is common. Keep in mind Valkyrie was a support studio that worked mainly with Sony in the first place.

With Microsoft, can you say the same? Can you say they're cultivating to buy Crystal Dynamics? I doubt it seeing that Embracer Group just bought them and want them as a cornerstone of their own growing empire. If developers stayed at the initiative, they wouldn't have even bothered to reach out to Crystal Dynamics in the first place.

"And maybe the reason another MS studios isn't helping is because they're busy with current projects or maybe they are, unless you have actual proof that they aren't. "

I don't have proof they aren't. But we don't have proof they are either considering they hardly put anything out for release

notachance68d ago

lol an excuse MS should be familiar with

shinoff218367d ago



this is a videogame website that allows us to comment.

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generic-user-name68d ago

I must've missed Striking Distance's tweet where they officially revealed that Sony studios would be helping them out with the rest of the development. Because that's normal.

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Eonjay68d ago

Again with the misinformation. It says Sony employees not PlayStation devs and the help is coming from Sony's visual arts studio not from developers. This includes artwork, cinematography, mocap, and other performance art. They are a Sony visual arts studio, not PlayStation first party studio.

IRetrouk68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Va are developers and have worked on most of sonys games since the ps2 era..... and they most certainly are a first party studio, support or not, they build a lot of the tech that the other studios use, even started the development on some and then pass it on, like the last of us part 1 for example, they are making a new game with naughty dog and a new team as we speak.

Andy_Dee68d ago

The last Order? Never hear of this in EA.

You mean the Star Wars game?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

jznrpg68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Totally different story .

Phil has taught you the spin well .

Clearly Perfect Dark was in development hell and that was the first year .
Phil had to find some outside team willing to latch on to it to bail them out .
Helping a studio complete a project is normal .
Having most of your top devs leave within the first years and more leaving after and having an outside company go produce a game after claiming you made a AAAA studio is nothing more than a massive failure and totally abnormal .
Also I hear they bought a publisher and hear bragging of more studios then Sony so why couldn’t they get one of their own studios to help them make it ? Why Crystal Dynamics ?

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Thundercat7768d ago ShowReplies(3)
Bathyj68d ago

So where's the reviews? I'm a bit concerned about that. Also concerned about the combat getting boring quickly. The game releases tomorrow.

Charlie268868d ago

Apparently the review embargos lift the release day :/

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GamingSinceForever68d ago

I’m a little concerned about the late reviews too. Also to think that Sony putting 150 employees behind this but not striking a timed exclusivity deal makes me wonder. 😳

It’ll likely be a good game still.

SonyStyled68d ago

Not really sure of your concern. ND has (had now?) a mo/cap studio that was often used by other third party developers. Iirc Remedy used it for Controls development. I don’t think this is worthy of news. PlayStation did expand their studios for aided development, which is old news. It’s not a big deal if other studios use another for motion capture, a 3rd part engine, etc.

Eonjay68d ago

Sony got marketing rights. Plus it not being exclusive is great so more people can now experience what real quality actually looks like.

Crows9068d ago

You this concerned about all games?

Bathyj66d ago

Seems justified now doesn't it?

Binarycode68d ago

Could say the same about dead space, but that game was fantastic.

InUrFoxHole68d ago

Yo what?!?!? Releases tomorrow? Yeah that is a bit sketch then.

Jimneous68d ago

Got my copy yesterday from Shopto in the UK. It's good so far, very much Dead Space in everything but name, not finding it particularly scary so far though.

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Lightning7768d ago

What happened to all the funding a development of Ori? Giving dev more time and resources for psychonaughts? Funding and helping with Cup head?

Aw those are AA games so they don't count right

thesoftware73068d ago

And Money...don't forget Money.

Aloymetal68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Yeah of course but at least they try their best and spend some of that money back on awesome new games and Ip's for their new gen.

2nd year of this new gen and PS has already released a bunch of goty contender games.

anast68d ago

With MS your money will get you a refrigerator, some mobile games, subscription services, and a KFC controller...

With Sony you get games.

thesoftware73068d ago (Edited 68d ago )


The Xbox fridge is Awesome!!

If i'm not mistaken most big companies are getting into Mobile games, Sony recently announced they were as well...right back to my point about.....Money.

btw, the sub services is for games, 100s in fact.