PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for December

Divine Knockout: Founder's Edition, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant. All available on December 6.

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darthv7269d ago

Well its official... gotta get me some of that biomutant.

sinspirit68d ago

I was tempted to buy it during the sales. Heard good things about it and that it was underrated.

deleted69d ago

I don't even know anything about Divine Knockout, but Mass Effect and Biomutant already make this a great month.

Biomutant was just one of those titles that a lot of people didn't want to take the risk with their wallet as an unknown AA with mixed review, but many of us will gladly give it a shot on a service like this. I've heard enough people say that they enjoyed it to at least give it a go.

SullysCigar69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Just seen we get all three Mass Effect games and over 40 DLCs thrown in! Awesome!

Turns out Divine Knockout is launching on Plus. Looks like a fun multiplayer fighter.

deleted69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Yea, I looked into it and Divine Knockout is apparently a free to play game by Hi Rez studios. That doesn't necessarily make it bad, as I quite enjoyed SMITE by them. (actually quite a lot, despite not being a big fan of the content structure typical of f2ps. The gameplay was solid.) This PS+ release is the Founder's Edition which includes 8 Gods, cosmetics and a special bonus for SMITE. (according to Hi-Rez's website)

Even if I don't end up playing much of Divine Knockout, Mass Effect and Biomutant are definitely wins. I'll give it a shot though.

crazyCoconuts69d ago

Never played 3 and have been waiting for a sale so good timing

68d ago
Knushwood Butt68d ago

Eh, I heard PS Plus never gets day and date new games. Surely this is a mistake?

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FinalFantasyFanatic68d ago

We've had alot of good months recently with PS Plus.

SullysCigar69d ago

Good month! Anyone know what the xbox gwg games are yet? They've been awful of late.

Terry_B69d ago

think they were announced yesterday and were really really bad.

SullysCigar68d ago

Oh God, I just checked. Why do they even bother? It's actually insulting.

darthv7269d ago

they are like Bruno... we dont talk about Bruno.

SullysCigar68d ago

I hate myself for knowing what you're talking about. I also hate you because I can't now switch it off in my head, you git!

68d ago
monkey60269d ago

I'm really pleased with this lot. Only down side is no time to play them in December ha

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