Kotaku's Game of the Year Nominations

Brian Crecente writes - "There are two ways to approach Game of the Year awards.

Either you create awards meant to be used as a sort of buying guide, a consumer-centric list that tells people who own a certain console which games they absolutely must buy for that year. That's what we did last year with our Goaties.

This year we're trying the other approach: Creating a set of awards that reward the artistry of creation. You won't go wrong if you run out to buy these games. But this year's Goaties are meant to serve as a sort of carrot, albeit an incredibly tiny one, that reward what we think is important in game development."

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ud3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Not even a nomination for MGS4 being the GOTY..... and they all nominated GTA 4 for GOTY...... WAT????

CliffordM Bleszinski3581d ago

at least they got gears of war 2 in there but the rest of the list fails.

morganfell3581d ago

"Creating a set of awards that reward the artistry of creation."

First of all his writing skills are sorely lacking. Someone get that person a thesaurus.

But no MGS4 and they are rewarding artistry? L4D is artistry over MGS4? Right.

GWAVE3581d ago

Left 4 Dead was nominated for best story of the year.

'nuff said.

jcfilth3581d ago

Don't tell me you were not expecting this, it's Kotaku, what do you expect?!

xwabbit3581d ago

Its kotaku dood, they are a joke.

gambare3581d ago

I never thought a web site could be a good laxative

Panthers3581d ago

I wish no one here would post their stuff anymore. Its garbo. Same with Yahoo news. Just wishful thinking I guess.

deeznuts3580d ago

There is a reason I don't go to Kotaku anymore.

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ezcex3581d ago

GTAIV was barely on any of the sub categories, but still manages to get almost all the vote for GOTY?

poindat3581d ago

It appears that I have forgotten to add the Wii as a tag. My bad.

Deviant3581d ago

Brian Crecente: Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Left 4 Dead"

.....nice :D

Bigrhyno3581d ago

Left 4 Dead does have one of the best single player stories of the year.

Batzi3581d ago

No MGS4 on that list = EPIC FAIL. Seriously though what were they thinking???

Simon_Brezhnev3581d ago

lol u know they hate anything sony related

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The story is too old to be commented.