The Witcher Remake Is Coming After The Witcher 4, Will Take Advantage of Its Technologies

CD Projekt RED President and joint CEO Adam Kiciński revealed that The Witcher Remake from Fool's Theory will come after The Witcher 4.

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MWH68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I came to say this. If true i don't know why bother announcing it now.

just_looken68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Your talking about release date for me this confirms there in house red engine that they spent millions on is no longer going to be used and tossed away do too all the employees they lost because of poor management/crunch time and or abuse.

I played there old games for yrs even some of the port crap but for me this new witcher game with almost every old witcher employee gone is going to be a wait to see situation. Unreal engine has its own issues like shader loading/asset flipping/easy to mod or cheat.

But now there saying there employees going forward will be on unreal for the remake well then 7yrs of a new dev team with new engine this may be saints row 2 pc all over again or even cyberpunk launch if we are lucky.

It took the original cd red devs many years to become the witcher 3 quality everyone goes on about i doubt a team off the streets can equal or beat witcher 3 on there first try.

69d ago
Ninver69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

We don't wanna here about it unless it's less than a year away!

The3faces69d ago

So what's the point of even announcing the Witcher remake this early? SMH

MrVux00069d ago

The same reason they announced any game early. Good PR and hype (relevance in the media circles).

TheColbertinator68d ago

Also to announce that they are hiring. Many top developers and artists want to land massive projects like The Witcher to keep their career going.

chicken_in_the_corn68d ago

To stop the inevitable harassment from the community

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The story is too old to be commented.