The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR confirmed as PSVR 2 launch title

Eurogamer writes: "The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR - developer Supermassive Games' rail-shooter spin on its acclaimed narrative horror series - has been confirmed as a launch day title for Sony's PlayStation VR 2, meaning it'll arrive on 22nd February next year."

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SullysCigar68d ago

Awesome news! This is gonna be horrifically detailed and I can't wait to see how all the new PSVR2 features are implemented.

Day one!

MadLad68d ago

Not big on VR, but hope this turns out really good. I want to see VR become more mainstream in general.

Aussiesummer68d ago

Oh it will be a star player for psvr2, the first one was easily one of the best psvr games.

SullysCigar68d ago

I hope they're patching Rush of Blood for PS5 + PSVR2!

HICK67d ago

@SullysCigar yes that needs to happen

Petebloodyonion68d ago

Rush of Blood was my get-to-go game when showing what VR is all about and probably the title that I played the most on PSVR
So happy about this.

Ozzy240768d ago

I cant wait for this Rush of Blood was awesome and this is going to look insane in 4K

Venoxn4g67d ago

Big fan of Rush of Blood.. hope for an update for PSVR2 and can't wait to play this one one day