Game collectors distraught over cheap digital re-releases

The average gamer picks up a few titles a year and may resell them game after or go shopping for low-priced used titles. But other gamers spend a good amount of time and money tracking down the rare games, the titles you can't simply find in a corner at the local GameStop. The banned games, classic Dreamcast games, complete NEO GEO titles... these are the things that makes the collector's soul sing.
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There's also a slightly selfish aspect to serious collecting: the feeling that you're playing something that others will likely never experience.

But now, games that used to be rare are finding their way onto the Xbox Live Arcade, the Wii's Virtual Console, and Sony's PlayStation Network. What does a collector do when a treasured, rare game becomes a $10 download?

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Cajun Chicken3577d ago

KEEP the DISC. Thats the Real McCoy, nothing to worry about.

rucky3577d ago

It's like buying a Mona Lisa replica instead of owning the real one. Keep it, nothing digital will ever replace the real one.

MainEventX3577d ago

Im for one happy they re-release rare games so everyone who didnt get a chance to play those games gets a chance tp play them. Also its good so non of those sellers online sell old games for such a high price take for instance Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is over 100 dollars online thats ridiculous.

Fanboy Slaughter3577d ago

Nevertheless, keep the disc, you never know when a digital copy may NEVER turn up.

LinuxGuru3577d ago

Keep the original's your fault if you sold it or traded it sometime in the past. You can't expect people to re-release an old game on a physical medium.

CadDad3576d ago

I've long held the viewpoint that collecting games as an investment was not worthwhile to me. I have enjoyed the games I have a lot more once I got over trying to find "mint" condition games that I wouldn't want to play.

I do not collect unopened games, nor do I collect games on systems I don't own just to say that I have them. All my games are playable, and if any of you ever come to visit, you can make sure I'm not pulling your legs.