Activating and Deactivating Your PS3 System, What You Really Need To Know

Zo writes "This is a follow up to my amazingly popular post I wrote a few days ago about how my old PS3 was activated, then broke, and essentially locked me out of my video content. After going through this and having my integrity questioned like I am just making stuff up I decided to share what I have learned about this relatively unknown phenomenon so that it doesn't happen to someone else."

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mdefalco253796d ago

I just went through this headache myself. My 60gig got the yellow light of death and did not give me the ability to deactivate it. I had to fax over my new receipt and go through their hoops to get this done. Had I known I would of just not bought a movie for download, which has been downloading now for five hours with 20% to go. What a joke IMO.

ThanatosDMC3796d ago

Now out of nowhere people are writing stories like these. Funny, no?

DiabloRising3796d ago

But but but but... digital downloads are the future!

Sully3796d ago

Nah according to the Xbots, Bluray is dead and we should be stuck with DVD's for the next 100 years.

Also Microsoft thinks digital downloads are the future for all the Xbox Arcade users.

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Conquistador3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Personal diary excerpt 14:

I stumbled across a friendly native today. Like usual I threatened him with the choice of leading me to his stockpiles of wealth or death. Instead he lead me to his peculiar (if not barbarous) tribe of natives. They gave me very helpful advice should a disaster occur to my famed entertainment machine that I have dubbed the Personal Sustenance machine version 3 (PS3). Such knowledge should certainly help me in future expedition, and thus I spared the native. But not his women. Or his money.

Stallone19933796d ago

I don't know why you guys have to fax in all this garbage.

I was on the phone with a higher up specialist (it was a different office than the 18003457669 (SONY) number. I just told him my PSN ID, my sign in id, and confirmed all the details on my account (had to tell the ones that I signed up with) to confirm I was the account holder and bam, it was INSTANTLY fixed. I also got all my SingStar songs back, which are different than regular downloads and only downloadable on one PS3

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