GPD announce pricing for their PS Vita-inspired 'Win 4', starts at $799

The Indiegogo for this Steam Deck alternative that looks like a PS Vita goes live next month.

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XiNatsuDragnel58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I'm excited for this project imo.

crazyCoconuts57d ago

Looks good. I still have my Win 2 and really like it. It turned into a hobby though, putting in a modded heat sink to deal with overheating and replacing a speaker, thumbsticks, and keyboard along with other little issues along the way. I'm still glad I got into it, but having a steam deck from a big company like Valve has advantages

TheEnigma31357d ago

Still not going to outdo the Steam Deck.

UltimateOwnage56d ago

I do love the SteamDeck. I haven’t seen another mobile PC that hits all the right marks for me to want to move away from it, yet. The display is the only weak point of the Deck IMO. I do like the idea of a physical keyboard being built in though… I wonder about the typing experience on keys that small.

blackblades56d ago

I want me a steam deck, remotely play ps5 games on it, play steam games and others. Also emulate older systems on it.

GoodGuy0956d ago

I've always preferred the psp/vita shape than Nintendo's handhelds. Been thinking about getting a gpd so will keep an eye out.

Duke1956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Lol at "inspired". It looks like they literally just repurposed a Vita. Sony gonna have a field day with their lawyers

AuraAbjure56d ago

Are you kidding me? Do one more side by side comparison, please.

Duke1956d ago

The gamepads on either side of the screen look like they are ripped directly off a vita? Even the finished silver bar around the outside.

Just because they dropped a new screen and keyboard into the middle of it doesn't hide the fact that the entire frame looks near identical to Sony's hardware

AuraAbjure55d ago

It may not hide the fact, but the redesign is plenty significant. I doubt Sony could win any lawsuit based off alleged patent infringement.

Outlawzz56d ago

Ordering as soon as it's up, Picked up a win 3 a few weeks ago for cheap so ill sell that to front the cost a bit.

I like this better over the other handhelds out as a portable pc, and win 3 almost had it so I think win 4 will be amazing for my planned usage outside of occasional gaming. Digging the psp go /vita looks

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