Want Crackdown now? Just move to Mexico.

Mexican retailers are selling the much anticipated game before the release date. In fact they started selling the game as soon as it hit the stores doorsteps. Some stores have even sold out before the release date. Apparently this is normal for retailers in Mexico to do. They just tend to ignore street dates.

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Fanboys are gay4265d ago

or you could just mod your box and download it and you would of had it a week ago, ha ha ha ha

Lucidmantra4265d ago

I goto Mexico every weekend as I have a house down there on the beach and I live in a pretty good area in Baja California there are luckily 4 game stores that have 360 games but they are not exactly handling the newest games and the week that Lost Planet came out they had it for $70 down there. I will check this weekend if they have Crackdown though.

Chris_GTR14265d ago

mexico is 20 minute drive away from where i live, and a major city, in fact its where they repair the broken xbox 360s.