Console Exclusives Roundup 2008

"Welcome to the (hopefully) final revision of's 'Exclusives Watch 2008'.

It's the year end wrap up with most if not all the exclusives accounted for. It started out as a curiosity and we're pleased by the results and the questions that they helped answer.

Who had the most exclusives?
Who had the most quality exclusives?
Who had the most downloadable exclusives?"

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urban bohemian3797d ago

Shame the exclusives, quality wise, on the wii really don't match up to those on the 360 and ps3!

All this shows is that it doesnt matter how many exclusive games you release if they are rubbish (haze and too human and most of the wii stuff).

OuterHaven3797d ago

Simply put quality > quantity.

ry-guy3796d ago

That sounds like something you tell a girl after she laughs at you when you first drop your pants in front of her.

In all seriousness, I hope that argument is for the Wii's exclusive quantity over the quality of the 360 and PS3's libraries, right? You wouldn't be trying to start a little flame-fest over 360 vs. PS3?

Peekay3797d ago

According to this not a "single disc based PS3 exclusive received an “unfavorable” rating on MetaCritic"

TheColbertinator3797d ago

There were a lot more 360 games this year than PS3 games.

Snake Raiser3797d ago

but a f-ing 80% of ps3 titles had favorable reviews. The powa o BIG BOSS.

COPYPASTE3797d ago

There were a lot more 360 games this year than PS3 games.

El_Colombiano3797d ago

ROFL. Copy paste. So original.

Magic_The_Celt3797d ago

Deffine, "much more" ? that blue right there, is god awful arcade games on XBL :)

And sony had more first party games.

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