Does the PS3 really need a price cut?

PlayStationGamerUK writes: "One topic which has come up in recent weeks is rumors of a price cut on sonys flagship product the PlayStation 3 following some less than steller sales according to NPD data compared to its rivals in america. Currently in america the PlayStation 3 retails at a price of $399.99 for the 80GB version compared to the $299 price for the 60GB Xbox 360. Now this $100 difference may not seem like a lot but in the current economic climate it is for the average buyer."

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GWAVE3631d ago

An article that DOESN'T condemn the PS3's price? Oh my. N4G might not be able to handle it.

thebudgetgamer3631d ago

costs are down and proffits are up they could be doing better but they are not doing bad enough to warrant a desparation price cut.
i sure sony has some idea on what they are doing


TheExecutive3631d ago

I think it needed a price cut this holiday season if it wanted to "beat" the competition. However, Sony as a corporation cares about profits and margins not some stupid a** fanboy war.

In order to beat out the competition in sales they need to drop the price and they will. They wont catch the wii this generation but only certain fanboys will dispute that it wont come in second. Of course, other fanboys will claim that the PS3 doesnt need a price cut soo....

thebudgetgamer3631d ago

yea im sure the people at sony sitt around thinking screw the investors lets drop the price now so we can make 360guy happy


GWAVE3631d ago

You know, I wonder why there are so many "PS3 needs a price cut" articles. Maybe this is just me thinking out loud, but perhaps since the PS3's high price is a legitimate excuse for lower sales, journalists and pundits want to even the playing field and write their articles about how -- despite a price cut -- the PS3 is still failing or -- due to the price cut -- the PS3 is winning.

MazzingerZ3631d ago

It's the right price, it will get a price cut when in reality the manufacturing costs are lower...or if a new console comes out that delivers more value for the same price.

Leathersoup3630d ago

The PS3 absolutely needs a price drop. Sometime around or before the release of the full version of Gran Turismo 5 would be perfect. :)

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ultimolu3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Uh-oh, a blog refuting claims of the PS3 needing a desperate pricecut?

Report mode activated!

I think the PS3 needs a pricecut but it will come in due time. People seem to get this idea that just because Microsoft dropped the price on their console, that means Sony must desperately drop their price as well.

Business doesn't work that way.

Salvadore3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

No for shizzle!1

Cajun Chicken3631d ago

Yes, unfortunatly it does. Many of my friends want a PS3 but due to the price, they can't and end up beuying a 360 anyway, but that isn't going to get them near playing Uncharted or Ratchet and Clank.
Also, the lack of PS2 BC is a large factor that make people turn away from it in favour of the 360.
Way to sort this; Price cut. They'll make back the money in software sales and perpherials.

360 man3631d ago

thats wat microsoft are doing and it works

doing it that way helps more developers and gets the more profits in the long run

sony needs to get with the times

i lie

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The story is too old to be commented.