Smash World Tour Announces Cancellation After Notice From Nintendo

From Nintendo Life: "The unofficial Super Smash Bros. series 'Smash World Tour' has announced the cancellation of "both the upcoming Smash World Tour Championships" as well as the 2023 tour. This event is best-known for having the "largest prize pool in Smash history at over $250,000" and was planned to have a prize pool of "over $350,000" next year.

After seemingly positive talks with Nintendo, Smash World Tour allegedly received notice from the video game company that it could "no longer operate" future events without an official license. The event organiser goes on to claim it will lose "hundreds and thousands of dollar's due to Nintendo's actions" but is "open to continuing the conversation".

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OmegaSoldati69d ago

Nintendo's real face is ugly, anti consumer company. MFs

CrimsonWing6969d ago

Nintendo’s a real joy, lemme tell ya.

-Foxtrot69d ago

Worse that some people had already travelled to the US for it and then they cancelled it

Bunch of pricks really

badz14969d ago

that's just how Nintendo rolls. it's been like that for many years now, these people should have known better. Nintendo is anti-consumer AF!

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