Molyneux: Lionhead Working on "Super Secret" Project, Might Be Announced in 2009

Peter Molyneux, famous in the gaming industry for his loose lips, has let word slip that Lionhead Studios are working on a "super secret" project. Molyneux also said that the title might be announced some time in 2009.

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thebudgetgamer3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

cause i would love to have one of his games for my ps3.
and if not i still plan on buying a 360 at some point.


below: thanks regardless he is a genius

TOO PAWNED3673d ago

his studio is owned by ms so yes he is

TOO PAWNED3673d ago

I also work on "super secret" game, might announce it in 2009 or not, you never know that is why i said "might".

Mercutio3673d ago

Also, why does he look like that guy from Apple :P

power of Green 3673d ago

That comment came across as fear. lol

GWAVE3673d ago


Wake me up when Molyneux makes a game that lives up to his promises...heck, wake me up when Molyneux makes a game that lives up to 25% of his promises.

Cajun Chicken3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I'll wake you up when Syndicate 3 is made then.

Nathan Drake3673d ago

Didn't G4 announce this a few weeks ago?

Sanzee3673d ago

Fable II was incredible. Oh it had so many flaws, but so many benefits as well. The graphics give me the butterflies everytime I play it. Have you seen a sunrise in Fable II?

If not, you haven't seen a f*cking sunrise before.

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The story is too old to be commented.