PlayStation Tournaments is now available on PS5

Starting December 1, the first tournaments of FIFA 23, NBA 2K23 and Guilty Gear: Strive will be held thanks to the arrival of the PlayStation Tournaments functionality.

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S2Killinit59d ago

Hehe I was deadly serious. I mever used it before.

Iceball200059d ago

*PlayStation Tournaments: Win-A-Thon is not available in Croatia, Malta, Japan, Argentina, Turkey, North Korea, Russia.

Lmao North Korea.

Bathyj58d ago

In Russia the tournaments play you..

Ugh. sorry had to do it.

blackblades59d ago

I won a ps5 with the ps4 tournaments, if I didnt let my ps+ sub expire yesterday I wouldve been all over it trying for the headphone set and controller. Bet vr2 would be a item to win when the time comes. If y'all have time I suggest trying it out. The beta was fast and smoother then ps4 tournaments.

SULTAN_459d ago

You won a ps5 with what games in the tournaments ? was it hard matches ?

blackblades59d ago

Fighting games and auto chess. Funny thing was there was a lot of no shows that gave us free pts. Most people either forget or have busy times. You also need skills and can't just wing it in a actually fight unless the other guy is noob.

blackblades59d ago

Lol I knew someone that won 2 ps5 one with me and another in the 2nd winrathon. Who knows he probably won more he was good and I retired from with a broken wrist.

Ninver59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Played it for 10mins and had to uninstall soon after. Nothing has changed. Same tired formula and AI assistance. They turn into Ronaldos and Messi's in the last 15mins when you're beating them.

Passes don't go to your intended teammate, shots are off target more in this 15min time frame, goal keepers become superman ect etc the list of AI assistance is long.

generic-user-name58d ago

I hope to enter a few Tekken 8 tournaments.