Microsoft's custom Xbox Elite Series 2 hasn't broken on me yet

Microsoft's new custom Elite Series 2 gamepad seems to solve most of the high-end controller's hardware issues.

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Orchard69d ago

Didn't this controller just come out a month ago? Lol. Controllers don't break that quickly (even Elite controllers).

PhillyDillyDee69d ago

This is the exception. Not the rule.

1Victor69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

How much abuse does he inflicted on previous controllers😱
My controllers last the whole generation or till my nephews decides to play with them and loose on CoD😢

curtain_swoosh69d ago

but does it still do the loud ckick noises everytime you press a button? or move the stick? haha

Jin_Sakai69d ago

Absolutely how how loud and clicky Xbox controllers are.

deleted69d ago

This should be the box quote.

jznrpg69d ago

Well that should be expected ?

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