Prizefight: Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3, Part 2

Cnet's Prizefight between the 360 and the PS3. After part one you may be surprised to see who wins this title bout. And the winner of the coveted belt is...

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FeralPhoenix4893d ago

Oh just calm down guys, don't take this review too serious....its just one recomendation and mostly just for entertainment value.

Boink4893d ago

they voted the same way pretty much everything else I've seen has said.

The 360 is a great investment right now, especially with the killer titles coming this year. and the ps3 may be worth it on 2007-08 when more titles arrive, and devs are able to push more out of it.

However, Sony better get off their butts and get their online act together though, if that doesn't change, quickly, I shudder at their chances at making it to a ps4.

spacetoilet4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

Wait a year and then do a count of available games.....good games.
360 is smoking on releases, but alot of them are crap. Ps3 is only just out of the gate, and there is all this negative press and fanyboyism etc, but don't you worry.Playstation will do FINE. Will still be on top. Period. Oh yeah, one more thing, Sony's online 'act' as you call it, Is bound to get better over time and you know it. And it's F R E E . Imagine the amount of user growth a F R E E service will see over time? The amount of people that will use it? Pretty much everyone that has a connection and gets a ps3 probably. Its going to be huge.

TheMART4893d ago

There are much more titles on 360 worth buying than the one on PS3. Every system has crap games by the way

So free means participation? Why is it then that the bad PS2 online function wasn't so massively used and XBOX Live on the old XBOX already was a succes although it was paid for less functions then 360 Live has?

It just shows. Premium paid services are taken by consumers for that relative small amount per month/year as long as the service is real good. Compare that to a free, but so damn basic online service and you'll know where real gamers go.

combatant4892d ago

Hey douche bag spacetoilet. She said that at the end of the video. go cry elsewhere.

ASSASSYN 36o4893d ago (Edited 4893d ago )

Is anyone shocked. A lot of people in various media formats have been saying the same thing thats in this video. Consistencies are rampant on this issue.

CAPS LOCK4893d ago

the woman hardy knows anything about gaming. Cnet can't review products at all! they do these silly comparisons with tvs, mp3s, and dvd players.

oh and i didn't know that there where 150 x-box 360 title, i mean if there is that many titles and we only heard of a few then, there must be alot of crappy games.

ACE4893d ago

if thats the case then the ps3 must have even poorer games on it . due to the fact that most 3rd party games r ported over to the over hyped ps3 and r poorer than the 360 versions hmmmm i wonder y ? is cos of the power of the cell LOL !!

THAMMER14893d ago

The 360 is better optimized for games. The PS3 is packed with Blu Ray play back and extra USB ports, SD card reader and ect. We all expected this.

But Cent cannot make you happy with your purchase only the games can. Yes it is good to be a 360 owner. The PS3 still has some room to improve you just need to wait and see. Me personally I want what I pay for right away but it is O.K. if you (PS3 fans) do not mind waiting because you are paying for potential in the 1st place. Or some thing like that?

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The story is too old to be commented.