New Games with Gold for December 2022

On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, it’s a double helping of 2D side-scrolling fun with Colt Canyon and Bladed Fury.Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to these games for a limited time as part of Games with Gold.

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deleted58d ago

It's quite obvious at this point that they are very close to pulling the plug on Games with Gold in favor of a full-on Gamepass focus. These titles feel like they're joking with us. Just kill it already. X´D

SirBruce58d ago

Don't worry, next month it will have God of War, Spider-man and Horizon Zero Dawn... wait... wrong place.

RpgSama58d ago

People have been saying that for 2+ years now, MS still making money over fist with this crappy excuse of a service, they basically went back to when you paid for ONLY be able to play online.

gerbintosh58d ago


SirBruce58d ago

Being sarcastic in 2022... is not being understood. ;)

Crows9058d ago

Can't wait to play these titles...but maybe I'll wait till next year just in case

gangsta_red58d ago

I was seriously on the verge of buying Bladed Fury, had it on my wishlist and everything...GWG actually came through this time.

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BrainSyphoned58d ago

Xbox read that goombastomp wants more westerns.

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The story is too old to be commented.