GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2008: Best Multiplayer Game

Which title brought pwning to new heights?

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morganfell3799d ago

There is something about a music game that makes the use of the phrase "brought pwning to new heights" a bit of a joke. When you decapitate someone, melee them, or blast a hole in them there is definite pwnage. But the rock version of "The devil went down to Georgia" victory over an opponent just doesn't have that same feel.

I am not saying it isn't enjoyable if that is what you like just that it lacks the feeling of true pwnage unless you are whacking them over the head with the guitar or tossing them into the drum kit.

mastiffchild3798d ago

if there was an award for completely misselling your own award the award goes to GT for this nonsense. Pwnage isn't nearly as hard with a little toy guitar involved. I got nothing against either Rock band or GH but they're more party than pwn, aren't they? I'd have gone for Resistance2(spent loads of time on co-op this week alone)while, though I've only played online on a mates 360 and not on PC at home, I also think L4D is a good second place. Didn't feel Gears2 brought much new after the first game and the matchmaking fiasco has upset loads of people.
In fact I assumed, in my idiocy, that either R2 or(more probably knowing how GT treat PS exclusives atm) L4D would get this one. I definitely don't feel as gutted if I get beaten on GH as I would any shooter. Even LBP deserved this more-at least everything, online wise at least, is new about it AND you can beat people on THEIR level which has to hurt a little, no?

kunit22c3798d ago

This is true BS i think Left 4 Dead or Resistance 2 should have won, im leading more twords resistance 2. Sure i think Little Big Planet is really good, but i dont think it should win best multiplayer. Actually im suprised it was even a nominee.