World Of Goo Wins Independent Game Of The Year Award

Towering over all other games, World of Goo was the 2008 winner of the Independent Game of the Year award. The award, the culminating event of Game Tunnel's 7th Annual Game of the Year awards, is given each year to the most outstanding Independent Video Game.


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Shnazzyone3673d ago

I knew that somewhere this would beat braid. I love to hear i'm right

roblef3670d ago

This has a lot of heart and joie de vivre (spelling may be wrong). Braid has interesting design and melancholy. I'll take World Of Goo anyday. Some of the puzzles are hard, but most of htem are accessible without resorting to a walkthrough or FAQ. I'd say Braid was the opposite. Glad to see Go winning so many awards.

TheColbertinator3673d ago

Glad to see that World of Goo won some recognition.Its one of the year's biggest surprises

theEnemy3673d ago

This game is very minimalistic and awesome at the same time.

I hope there's a sequel. :D

kunit22c3673d ago

I think this game and Boom Blox are awesome i hope they both have sequals with some type of online component (especialy boom blox)