8 Ways Sony Could Improve PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus isn't a bad service, but it could use some improvements. Here are a few ways Sony could brush up PS Plus.

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SirBruce69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Some limited streaming in Essential could make it, for example, 4 hours every month.

shinoff218369d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I think ps plus will be alright its only a few months old.

Only thing id like to see is more ps1 psp and ps2 games. Now thinking about it it could be slow with them trying to improve some ie worms had an online mode added, oddworld was beefed up a little lookwise. Idk I just want more old school. Other then that i think its pretty solid.

I thought the ntsc to pal thing was already brought up and it was confirmed to be running ntsc on classic games I maybe wrong.

Making trophies for the games are probably on the developer so that could be the issue with trophies on classic games but i just finished xcom enemy within and got a couple trophies that i never got before while playing on ps3 way back.

Far as downloading ps3 games were still some time off from that , ps3 was a different type of system and its not easy to emulate. Should be fairly common knowledge by now especially for someone writing a video game article.

KillBill68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

"I think ps plus will be alright its only a few months old."~ uhhmmmm... no. PS Plus has been around for some time. I am assuming you are talking on the new PS Plus tiers which are simply PS Now being integrated into the PS Plus tier system. PS Now has been around since 2014 in one form or another. While the OG Ps Plus (Sony version of XBL Gold) since 2010. "The new single subscription, still called PlayStation Plus, combines online multiplayer, free monthly games and a standing game library available for download or streaming. That includes the games previously available on the old PS Now."

Tacoboto69d ago

Local PS3 support would be fantastic, but I don't see that becoming a thing until the PS6 when the sheer power available can brute-force through any inefficiencies in emulation. They do need to improve the Classics Catalog too.

Here's something I'd love to see any console service do - if I own the game physically, *and* I subscribe to the service, let me play the game without the disc inserted when I'm online after I do an initial install. Sony won't put their games on there Day One, so that would be a nice middle ground to show support for both Day One Physical Purchases and the potential of the service. It would be one nice feature to bridge the experience between physical and digital and, for me at least, would make the decision so easy to pick up a secondary digital-only PS5 if they can tie a known physical install to the account.

KUV197768d ago

How do they know you did not just borrow the disc from a friend?

Tacoboto68d ago

I'm not an engineer trying to improve the value proposition of a service, I'm a gamer suggesting something I'd like to see that's not yet being done by any major player.

However they'd be able to answer that problem - "if they can tie a known physical install to the account"

KUV197768d ago

It's not possible to do that, unless every disc had a unique id. If customers were honest, we'd have that already, but as it is, one person would buy a game, all friends would install it and play it for free. No content creator will allow that, no matter how great it would be for the honest customer.

MrVux00068d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I will mention things that could improve PS Plus Essential, but only a fool would believe this will ever happen:

1) Lower the PS Plus Essential to its original price of 50$
2) Remove the Online Paywall that is tied to it, or at least offer the version of PS Plus that is solely for online pay at significanty lower price
3) Offer more monthly games (f.e. 5-6) out of which the users can pick 3-4 games, this way the probability of people getting games they already own would be lowered and it expands the overall choice of games
4) Add game trials to Essential. There is no reason why this is exclusive to the likes of Extra or Premium, for a feature that is essentially no different than demo's we had for decades in gaming
5) Better and/or more frequent PS Plus exclusive discounts for games. I can't tell you how many times i have seen PS Plus discount being applied to same old games month after month.

And before someone states "This is not good for Sony's bottom line!" i know, which is why i stated "this will never happen". This is first and foremost for the betterment of the consumer and not SONY, when it comes to PS Plus... which is what should matter the most unless you are stock holder.