This week's Wii and PS3 downloads

With one major holiday coming to a close, an even more monumental thing is quickly approaching -- a whole new year. But don't panic! Two of the big 3 consoles of the gaming world aren't going to shoot you off into 2009 empty-handed.

They each have plenty of goodies for you to enjoy before, during and after you shoot off streamers, pop the bubbly and yell at the top of your lungs when the ball drops. Whatever your desire, Nintendo and Sony have it covered.But did you ever really doubt them?

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Cajun Chicken3579d ago

"Didn't see any XBL content and in a bit of denial? Check out Doritos Dash of Destruction for free. And Crash Commando is a fun-filled game to keep you busy in the new year. Want a ridiculous story? Check out what one guy did when his Christmas wishes didn't come true. Please, none of you ever react this way."

Whoops! Crash Commando is a PS3/PSN exclusive. So thats a nice free 'advertainment' game for regular XBLA users.

DragonWarrior465343579d ago

the online is great too. Also, this is old news because Ive been playing the demo to Lord of the Rings Conquest since last week.