Frys and Blockbuster Offer HD DVD Bargains

Reminiscent of the Ghost of Christmas Past, HD DVD deals continue to materialize almost a year after the end of the format war.

In what looks to be a one day sale, Frys is offering a special on the XBOX 360 HD DVD player, that comes bundled with HD DVD box sets of Heroes: Season One and Battlestar Galactica: Season One.

Meanwhile, Blockbuster is offering its collection of previously viewed HD DVD titles for $7.99 a piece. With over 350 titles to choose from, this offer could prove tempting for many high-def fans.

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Sully3581d ago

Quick bots, grab them while you can.


You cant stick with your DVD stoneage technology forever!

KrisXX3579d ago

ppl still being lamer over video game systems. grow up already. who cares what you have and don't have.