Callisto Protocol Shows That We Need To Retire The Use Of Season Passes

Studio founder Glen Schofield confirmed that development on DLC hasn’t even begun as the game’s release approaches, and is instead a reaction to player demand for gorier executions and gnarly violence. That’s a huge relief, but still hasn’t stopped a number of think pieces from crawling out of the woodwork that misunderstand how games are made and the production pipeline that comes with post-launch content.

It isn’t exactly a priority for the team, even if the idea of new animations for a single player experience that many will have finished before they even come out is a weird move in itself. It doesn’t cross an ethical line or screw anyone over, but is par for a course that for decades now has traded in optional content for extra pennies

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shinoff218368d ago

I really dislike dlc still. Just use those resources for another game. I do miss the days when games were just complete at release.

CorndogBurglar68d ago

I agree. I will say that I don't mind when a complete game is released, and then after the fact they make a DLC expansion. That doesn't really bother me quite so much. But leaving content off the disc to sell separately later is really annoying.

shinoff218368d ago

As someone who collects and keeps physical games, it blows at times. As much as love some fallout and I did like the dlcs dont get me wrong but ive bought all 3 newer ones and re bought the goty editions. Fallout 3 and new vegas and 4 was a voucher(which defeated the purpose for rebuying it in my case) others out there also, xcom games another favorite got re bought due to dlc atleast it was on disc. Now I know I have a choice to buy or not to buy but its just annoying. You see where im going with this lol. Some dlc imo is just wasteful like clothes and such.

HyperMoused68d ago

Just imagine kids nowadays done even know what a full game is on release, i remember the good old days of goldeneye and perfect dark, you unlocked things by going through the game on harder difficulties and in certain times its just DLC or pre order bonus.

Chevalier68d ago

Last time I got a complete fighting game with all the characters was the PS2. Since then each generation the characters get fewer and the DLC 'season passes' grow more and more. Colour schemes cost money. Remember when you could make a bunch of edits in say Guilty Gear? Nope cost money now.

curtain_swoosh68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

i dont mind dlc for cosmetic purposes or new game stages, but i hate relevant story dlcs.

like wat the fuck lol

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hotnickles68d ago

Holy crap this is coming out on Friday??? Let’s go! Why was I thinking next year?

obidanshinobi68d ago

Maybe you were thinking of the Dead Space remake.

hotnickles68d ago

You’re right. Hell yeah.

66d ago
hotnickles68d ago

Article is wrong btw. It says “coming out in a few weeks” I perked up and said oh snap. Then I looked and found out Friday 😂 I said F yeah out loud.

ufo8mycat68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Its fine when content is developed AFTER release of the game, but when content, in the case of Callisto Protocol, where death animations were made DURING the development of the game but were deliberately excluded to add as DLC later, is no excuses for that

CrimsonWing6968d ago

I don't want to be that guy, but can you link me to the information where these death animations were made DURING the development of the game? Because the actual developer said they haven't even started work on the season pass content, yet.

CrimsonWing6968d ago (Edited 68d ago )


Or choose not to 🤷‍♂️

I feel like a lot of games let you buy the season pass before the content is available.

You have options.

erogers1268d ago

Yeah, this isn't true. The developer hasn't begun work on the DLC yet, and Glen Schofield released a statement where he DIRECTLY stated that zero content was excluded during development for the purpose of DLC later on. This is misinformation.

CrimsonWing6968d ago (Edited 68d ago )

You know what's funny in all this? I guarantee you nobody will bad mouth Elden Ring's DLC when it comes out.

I read we get various modes in the Callisto DLC, story content, all new death animations, etc. I mean, I'm down to give the developers a little more money if the game is as amazing as I think it'll be.

If not, I just won't buy the Season Pass. It's as simple as that.

Christopher68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

The tweet from Schofield literally says this is false. They aren't saving "deaths" for DLC but will be making "EVEN MORE deaths." He's also saying they haven't even begun work on that and are focusing on the game currently, not future content.

IGN even deleted their tweets about this after he said the above and updated their own article

Anyone upvoting your comment is relying on false information and is only helping to spreading false information.

JEECE68d ago

Lol this lie about death animations will be part of the narrative of this game years from now. Once the games community convinces itself that a dev lied about a game or withheld something from the audience at release, no amount of evidence to the contrary will ever change the narrative. Look at No Man's Sky-to this day, people still "dunk" on Hello Games because NMS didn't have Destiny-style co-op at launch. It doesn't matter if you point them to an article from a year and half before launch where the devs explained that wouldn't be part of the game, they'll still repeat the "dunk" as an example of devs lying.

Vengeance113868d ago

There will always be a place for DLC, right after you playthrough and complete a truly masterful game and you just want more and don't want to wait 4-5yrs for the sequel, buy the DLC and keep the amazing journey going if even for a short while.
The issue is not that DLC exists, its that most companies don't do DLC right. Such is why just the mere mention of DLC triggers people.

HyperMoused68d ago

This game having a season pass and being a SP game is the reason i am not rushing out to buy this game, plenty of other things to play atm and i dont like supporting that model, i know im the minority here, but ill get it on sale later.

TheEnigma31368d ago

Get the GotY version a few years later

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