God of War: Ragnarök Would Not Be Better As A PS5 Exclusive

Breaking the usual PlayStation tradition, God of War: Ragnarök's critical and commercial success shows it doesn't need to be a PS5 exclusive.

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Jin_Sakai70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Nonsense. Imagine if God of War were designed solely around the PS5 SSD and not a slow HDD. The game would also look and perform much better as a PS5 exclusive due to the significantly more powerful hardware. That’s a fact.

Flawlessmic69d ago

Didn't even bother to read the article, can't believe they even wasted there time trying to argue that it wouldnt be better.


KyRo69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Tbh most people don't read the articles here. If journalists stopped click baiting or using sensationalized headlines, 80% of the time maybe people would spend more time reading articles. These days you never know what you're going to end up reading.

Hell you got got websites making a whole 5 paragraph article based one single tweet most of the time lol

Algullaf69d ago

New Graphics / Game engine and tools need time to develop and optimize for a hardware , I don’t think this was available when they develop Ragnarok , we will see there next-gen technology in the next game.

Om4ever69d ago

There's already a huge difference : 30fps vs 60fps ... Why complaining ?

garos8268d ago

not good enough. you are still stuck in the past. the ps5 changes fundamental infrastructure to the old ways of building games. GOW : R does nothing new for the medium and thats a fact. you can count your frames all you like, but you cant compare the latest GOW to something as ground breaking as say Ratchet and Clank, Returnal and Astrobot. Thats what i want to see more of

dumahim69d ago

More importantly, I think there'd be a serious reduction, if not elimination of all those awkward transition zones that slow you down.

The_Hooligan68d ago

Agreed! Story elements would have bene the same for obvious reasons. But everything else like fps, graphics, loading times, etc. are already better on the PS5 and would have been even better if it was made for PS5 ground up. But regardless where you play, PS4 or PS5, the game is phenomenal. Such a clickbait title.

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isarai70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Less limitations changes game design. The thing everyone seems to be struggling with is the term "Loading" honestly. Being able to load faster is not just minimal/nonexistent loading screens which is what everyonethinks is all that can change. If you can load things in faster, you can increase things like character movement speed, asset density and variety, more varied environments/biomes, etc. You wouldn't need bottlenecks like squeezing through gaps, elevators, long corridors and such to allow levels to load. It opens everything up. Couple that with the massive CPU leap from last gen and yes it would've easily made it better, if only from a technological standpoint.

Pedrof69d ago

I agree with what you say, but I'm pretty sure all this could be done on PS4 if devs put emphasis on these things rather than pure graphical prowess. Each and every generation of hardware have their limits. At the end of the day it all comes down to how devs choose to use those limited resources. A new generation just means less compromises for the same graphical fidelity, but as graphical fidelity increases new limits will be reached... So I don't think PS4 is to blame, it's more how devs approched their design. But sure, PS5 exclusivity would make it easier... for a time.

jwillj2k469d ago

Congratulations you wrote an essay describing how water is wet.

dumahim69d ago

Could it? I think they showed that they were at their limits with Spider-Man's traversal speed on PS4 and even went to the point of duplicating data on HD many times over just to reduce seek time. The PS5 demo was like 6 times faster movement. You can take steps to make it better on PS4, but there's still a very real limit you're going to run into.
I suspect this is why the vehicles in Cyberpunk are so slow.

zarbor68d ago

Seems like no one agrees with you. Wonder why?

TheOptimist68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

"Less limitations changes game design."

Yeah, having more hardware power has made games shallower. As not a fan of God of War, the older God of Wars had better combat mechanics and I have no idea why that couldn't be carried over to the newer ones.

Just to make it "CiNeMaTiC"? Because that makes the game far less fun. And I see no reason why the combat had to be dumbed down. You could have the same story with probably little less graphical fidelity in the newer games.

Game design in mainstream games from Ubisoft, EA, Sony and Activision games has remained the same despite changes in generations. I would say it has gotten worse because developers, in the name of content and time padding, have started adding useless RPG elements (Again Assassins Creed and God of War being prime examples).

isarai68d ago

That has nothing to do with hardware and everything to do with the industry becoming as popular as it has gotten.

generic-user-name68d ago

"the older God of Wars had better combat mechanics"

Square, square, triangle, roll, repeat. I loved the earlier GOW titles but the new ones combat makes their combat look as shallow as a puddle.

68d ago
TheOptimist68d ago


I know. That's why we need to stop pretending that games are evolving. They are regressing to accomodate the masses.

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Asplundh70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Dumb article.

"The PS5 version offers better graphics in terms of lighting and particle effects, faster load times, and smoother integration of the DualSense controller's haptic features, but"

Sounds a lot like it would be better as a ps5 game.

SullysCigar70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

It IS better as a PS5 game, for all the reasons you just quoted.

It would be better still if PS4 wasn't being considered when making the game.

Hard to be that angry about this one, seeing as how it's still one of the best games in years, but I'd like to see last gen consoles dropped by the bigger hitters, LIKE NOW. PS5 is becoming more available now, so there's no reason not to.

Asplundh70d ago

Definitely, the game looks good regardless.

SurgicalMenace69d ago

Much like PC games; a cross gen game has features that are made available on higher end equipment not available on lesser equipment. All these people complaining about GoW, Horizon, etc like they aren’t visual marvels just sound ignorant as hell. Most people, statistically, don't even own the TVs or surround sound systems on a level to maximize rendering anyway. What's the issue?

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Neonridr70d ago

While it's nice that Sony was able to cater to their entire userbase here for those who haven't made the switch yet, saying a premiere 1st party title wouldn't be better building it from the ground up for the PS5 is ridiculous.