A Live Service Approach Could Allow a New Killzone Game To Thrive

The Killzone series has been dormant since Shadow Fall, but a live service style for its multiplayer might just be exactly what it needs to succeed.

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TheExecutioner59d ago

It will fail as a live service. An attractive reboot is required. Sony needs a strong first party FPS.

TheEnigma31359d ago (Edited 59d ago )

They don't need a first party fps. Outside of Cod, they aren't as popular as they were last gen and definitely not as popular as they were in the PS3/360 era.

Pedantic9159d ago

COD is not the be-all and end-all of FPS games. Sony will only have it for a couple of years as the deal is more or less set in stone. Sony needs to work on bringing back Resistance/Killzone/MAG. They're sitting on so many IPs and yet they much prefer to chase the cinematic crowd or be an overall nuisance when things are changing. What did they expect when they play the money game against a much more wealthier company to can outpsend you when neccessary.

The "Trying to turn us into another Nintendo" should have been seen as compliment or as another way to thrive.

shinoff218359d ago


Playing the money game do you mean the advertising rights to cod

Those Same rights ms bought first back during the 360. Ms has had 20 years to get it together and they haven't. All I have to say is who's next ms couldn't handle it even worse since they had more money then nin and Sony. They closed and or ruined so many studios. What is their issue

Rhezin59d ago

Agreed. That’s all they need now. A new Killzone/Resistance game would be perfect.

Mr_cheese59d ago

I'd love both! Especially miss Resistance. So many memories

1Victor58d ago

I would prefer a hawk game like a sequel/ reboot of Starhawk hell I’ll even take a remastered Warhawk or Starhawk with higher players numbers, 64 would be awesome

Crows9059d ago

I think they could seriously improve the fps genre in ways they dont even know.
Imagine those set peice moments that theyre making in 3rd person translated and designed for 1st person.

I think they could compete at a certain extent with CoD. Ive wanted another killzone and resistance long before the activ bliizard deal came around. Not to compete with CoD but to give great single player fps campaigns...this is sorely lacking right now and I hope Sonys sees it eventually.

Vengeance113859d ago

Can't do any worse than Halo as a live service so yes please, atleast try it.

kingnick58d ago

Best careful what you wish for.

Overwatch 2 is another bad live service game.

Once a developer and publisher have burnt most of the goodwill of their playerbase an entire franchise can be destroyed.

Vengeance113858d ago

Overwatch 2 despite the rough launch and bugs is hugely successful and crazy popular.
Not to mention Killzone is already dead so if a live service fails it what? Goes back to doing what it is now, being dead. Thus Killzone has absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Outside_ofthe_Box59d ago

Hell no.

Just remake KZ2 keep gameplay the same and it'll thrive, I'm sure of it.

JEECE59d ago

No it won't because if they just released a real multiplayer game and not a live service in 2022/2023 people would be whining two weeks after launch that the game was abandoned and "sent out to die."

People hate the terms "Live Service" and "Games as a Service," but in reality that's the only thing people want to play.

shinoff218359d ago

Not at all. I currently play no live service games. I did try fallout 76. It became annoying when they wanted money for more storage. I probably played about 15 hours or so.

JEECE59d ago


I appreciate that individuals here and there don't, but if you look at how people react to multiplayer games now, it's clear that people want a live service, even if they don't want the publisher to call it that.

Look at Battlefield V. Tha game had maps released here and there for about a year and half, which is actually pretty typical for a Battlefield game (only 4 got map packs later in it's life cycle). Yet the entire narrative around that game now is that the devs abandoned it.

Or look at Red Dead Online. People talk about that game being "dead," and the community even had a funeral. Which you'd think would mean that the servers were down (that's what it used to mean), but it actually just meant the game was just being maintained in a status quo, not as a live service.

Heck, people's complaints about Halo are even more evidence. People used to play Halo multiplayer to have fun. Now people can't see the point in playing the game if there aren't new skins to earn.

SurgicalMenace59d ago

Exactly!! If you don't believe what's being said, I dare you to explore the most successful ongoing games. It seems like people just want everything to stay the same with no progression. I may not play, Destiny, Fortnite, FF14, League, Genshin or the like but I can see the opportunity they add to the industry.

--Onilink--59d ago

Honestly, people dont even understand what live service is at this point. They just hate the term.

What exactly would an FPS in 2022 that is NOT live service be?
No new maps released consistently
No new guns
Maybe a map pack at some point that completely breaks the player base/matchmaking
No constant balance / tuning updates

Thats what a live service FPS is at the end of the day. Anything else like battle passes or microtransactions are the funding methods

badz14959d ago


Halo Infinite MP was released as a live service game, though. it's starved off contents unlike other live service games thus the backlash is justified imo.

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masterfox59d ago

oh hell no!!!!, look at Halo it sure is thriving lol, Killzone only needs a good story, heck you could even leave the graphics visual style of Shadowfall cause up to this day still looks freaking amazing.

Profchaos59d ago

It was my favourite in the franchise to date because it was a departure from the drab and dreary original colour profile the city keeps were still some of the best you'll see on ps4 to this day

kingnick58d ago

343i can't develop their own games in their own right and outsource when possible. I doubt Guerrilla Games would make the same mistakes but I don't see Killzone being a live service game adding much to anything other then Sony's bottom line.

TheEnigma31359d ago

Shadowfall was such a drop off from KZ 2/3. I wish they could remake KZ2; with the weight feel also.

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