God of War’s Norse Saga Is Better Than Its Greek Mythology

God of War Ragnarok concludes the franchise’s Norse saga, and the series’ newest era has somehow managed to surpass Kratos’ Greek adventures.

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darthv7261d ago

I dont know... i really dig the greek mythos more than norse. If they make a 3rd chapter then i hope it is egyptian. They had some interesting gods as well.

SullysCigar61d ago

Same here. LOVED the last two games, but I was much more aware of Greek mythology, thanks to the old classic films.

I'd like to see Egyptians next, too.

Christopher60d ago

Mythos-wise, there's a lot in Greek mythology but both are solid in their core elements at least.

But, story-wise, what they've evolved Kratos into after so many years of what he was in the Greek mythos... so much better and honestly what I was looking for.

If Kratos was just like he was in the other God of War games, I wouldn't have played any of the new ones. I was already tired by GoW 3 with it, any more beyond that? No thanks.

goldwyncq60d ago

I had more fun with the Greek saga and at the end of the day, that's what people play video games for: to have fun, so I disagree.

robtion60d ago

I am with you. The new games are more 'mature' or 'grown up' in tone. I prefer the original trilogy but each to their own.

Gianoni3360d ago

Its not about the Greek vs nordic...its about the gam approach. The new saga is much better, feels the other one too much unispired and the gods without any development.

roadkillers60d ago

The game overall is better and it’s 3 generations later, it should be. For it’s time the original God of War was amazing. Let’s not forget, one of the best told and creative stories of all time. The game starts at the end of Kratos life/story and goes through the motions of backtracking. Every detail of Kratos explained such as the color of his skin, the blades, his tattoos, and his journey that unfolds piece by piece. Not to mention the creative graphics during the CGI. Beautiful.

Vithar60d ago

boss fights were much much more epics before, fighting the elderly didin't do much for me lol

hotnickles60d ago

Minor spoiler:

I have said the same lol. He’s the master of
Magic and they gave him the same lame ass bifrost powers as heimdall, what a letdown. Freya was a better boss fight in terms of scale.

Levii_9260d ago

Yes and no but for me personally i like the Greek mythology more.

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The story is too old to be commented.