Zelda Won’t Actually Be A Princess In Tears Of The Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom may feature one of the biggest changes to Zelda canon to date, as following BOTW, Zelda can no longer be considered a princess.

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SullysCigar65d ago

That's fine, just please don't suddenly make her a prince!

TheEnigma31364d ago

It's possible. She'll be non binary

64d ago
Lightning Mr Bubbles63d ago


LOL, I see you've been keeping up with modern times.

SenorFartCushion64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

And the virgins are out to hate on innocent people they don’t know!


SullysCigar64d ago

Re-read your comment and drink in the hypocrisy. Once you've done that, work on your sense of humour.

64d ago
DarXyde64d ago

Tetra technically wasn't a princess...

.... And there's Sheik.

Don't do that. It's enough of a hot button issue for no good reason.

Inverno64d ago

I wouldn't really count Sheik. I don't think she was intentionally cross dressing, she dressed as a traditional Sheika warrior and covered her face to conceal her identity. But yeah that comment is either bait, or he forgot a couple words.

DarXyde64d ago


If I recall correctly, Sheik is actually male in the Japanese version of ocarina of time. It was left a bit more ambiguous and androgynous for a western audience.

64d ago
Inverno63d ago

Ah I didn't know. Personally I always liked believing that they had given her enchanted clothing. The Japanese do like their gender bending magical characters.

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TricksterArrow64d ago

That was already done somewhat with Sheik, though. But people weren't so sensiitive about these things back then, things just were. Oh, I miss those times. Now America is obsessed with race and gender.

TheEnigma31364d ago

Yup exactly. They use race and gender to stir up emotion.

Stanjara64d ago

The breath of Zeldan?
I'm totally expecting Link to die in first half hour and the game becaming bold and brave masterpiece.

VariantAEC55d ago

Link gets done on with a golf club confirmed!

64d ago
GoodGuy0964d ago

Lol. Actually... I'm kinda worried thats what'll happen...

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notachance64d ago

She’s also not a princess in skyward sword

64d ago
SenorFartCushion64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

She was never much of a princess in the first one. I hope the magazines don’t make it out as though this is feminist emancipation, because it sounds like more of a class thing. Zelda being a Princess had nothing to do with whether they were a damsel or not. Link was described as willing to save anyone regardless of status. I’m on par with Emily Blunt at the minute, where she has been saying how bored she is of the badass female stereotype. I have always loved the idea of fleshingnout certain characters to make them physically stronger, but not everyone. And the one’s that do don’t have to do the Disney thing I.e kicking their boyfriend and insulting them as a show of strength. That’s not strength, it’s binary.

63d ago
roadkillers64d ago

Idk why. Plenty to talk about with meaning especially with Game of the Year approaching, a bunch of games dropping, and he’ll a new Mario movie trailer dropped today.

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The story is too old to be commented.