Game Achievements Ltd Responds to PlayStation Store Removing "Spam" Games

Game Achievements Ltd writes: "We do not however believe in removing history, we do believe in improvement and that is what we are going to be focusing on. We won't be removing the Stroke The games from the market, we will however be adding to them to ensure that there is additional content within the games, making them more than just a press X game. This fan be seen with the addition of the Quiz sections, with more to come adding additional gameplay elements. In order to ensure that there is more value.

Going forward we will not be releasing any further easy platinums, having said that, we have 5 additional stroke games already approved and one additional easy game that will release, but we will ensure that they also have additional content fleshing out the games added to them."

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isarai70d ago

Did they really try to defend keeping their games up by claiming they are part of history?🤣

Jin_Sakai69d ago

This shovelware should be on mobile not consoles. It’s embarrassing to even see this garbage on the PlayStation store.

MrVux00069d ago

It's embarrassing to see it on any platform.

frostypants69d ago

I mean if there is a market for it WITHOUT the achievements, more power to them. But there likely isn't.

locomorales69d ago

But they are. Or will you pretent that they never existed?

isarai69d ago

You dont make history by simply existing bro

BlaqMagiq169d ago

I'm gonna pretend they never existed since they didn't deserve to in the first place.

XiNatsuDragnel70d ago

Whelp you should've a truly sincere apology imo

dexdotexe70d ago

I love how he apologised and then said he is gonna reskin and rerelease them in 3D versions and sell doc for everything 🤦🏼‍♀️

isarai69d ago

Sorry i was caught guys, now let me break down how i'm going to continue to scam everyone.

northpaws69d ago

Patch Note: 1.01
- You can also press the square now.

mastershredder69d ago

Making history as being part of the pack of grifters on the PSN store? Okay. What an honor and accomplishment. Teach this dog some new grifts.

Duke1969d ago

Idiots that download this stuff just keep these joke developers doing this. I’d love for PSN and other marketplaces to crack down hard on garbage

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The story is too old to be commented.