Switch Sales Explode, Deals Boost Xbox Series X|S - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Nov 13-19

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 770,021 units sold for the week ending November 19, 2022, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 115.99 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 434,704 units to bring its lifetime sales to 26.49 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 406,373 units to bring their lifetime sales to 18.66 million units.

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septemberindecember184d ago

Just a little more than 1M left for the Switch to surpass the PS4. Based on Switch sales from last year, Switch should surpass it next week. However, a drop YoY for Switch is likely, so at worst it will be the following week.

Kakashi Hatake184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

It's going to happen but what's the big deal if it does? What happens? Doesn't mean Switch is better. Sony had to completely stop selling the console 2 years ago. Would be at 130 plus by now if they kept selling it and lowered price to 200.

septemberindecember184d ago

"what's the big deal if it does?"
-Well, it's not a "big deal", but it's interesting to see the bounce back from the Wii U to the Switch.

"Doesn't mean Switch is better"
- I literally didn't say anything about this. Don't know why you brought it up.

Asplundh184d ago

"What happens?"

You'll cry yourself to sleep at night for at least a week.

Iceman100x183d ago

Lol no it wouldnt it hasnt even sold anything near to a 100 million...smh get ur facts straight.

MrNinosan183d ago

He's referring to the PS4, not PS5.

roadkillers183d ago

Who would spend $200-$300 on PS4s (used price mind you) instead of paying $400 for a PS5? PS4s were dead once the PS5 arrived

Ra3v3r183d ago

Yeah except they didn't stop selling it 2 years ago. They estimated they would manufacture another 1m units in 2022 due to PS5 shortages.

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darthv72184d ago

Damn... really solid numbers for the week leading up to BF.

thesoftware730184d ago

MS should just keep the Series S at the $250 price tag.

SirBruce183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

It's been in the 229$ with 3 months of XGP... That'd be better for selling some more.

QSPR183d ago

I think soon we going to see Series S @ $199.99

andy85184d ago

Those are some amazing sales for the switch given it's barely had a price drop since release. Nintendo so dropped lucky with this console

MrNinosan183d ago

Don't know how much luck is included.
All portable Nintendo consoles has sold great.

As Switch is replacing the 2 markets they had before, those sales are needed.

Those are the handhelds before Switch, and in combination with the home console, only Wii U + 3DS is behind Switch sales (so far).

Nintendo 3DS - 76 millions
Nintendo DS - 154 millions
GBA - 81,5 millions
Gameboy - 119 millions

septemberindecember183d ago

Switch has also surpassed GBA + GameCube sales. Switch will likely surpass PS4 + Vita sales, and the upper limit is probably N64 + GB sales.

PSP + PS3 sales isn't going to happen for Switch, and NDS + Wii sales is just impossible for any single console.

Outlawzz184d ago

Unfortunately for me as a launch switch owner, great sales = more time waiting for a more powerful switch to be announced.

But thats a personal problem, there's a huge library for new owners to enjoy at least

183d ago
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