Criterion has hopes for a Burnout return, but there are no 'immediate plans'

With the release of Need for Speed Unbound this week, Criterion Games is properly back. Not that the Guildford studio's been away, of course, but in recent years its role shifted towards a support studio, lending a hand with the Battlefront and Battlefield series among others - and its last standalone title was the X-Wing VR mission for Star Wars Battlefront back in 2016.

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ApocalypseShadow70d ago

You were competition just like every other racing game developer that were either bought to kill that competition, acquire your game engine and franchise or task you to make EA games. Sometimes all of the above.

When you no longer have the freedom to make your own game that was just as good and in some cases, better than N4S. When developers leave where you're no longer the same group, you know then, that you have become mostly a slave to the machine. If EA isn't willing, your hoping really doesn't matter.

"Now get back to work making N4S!" (EA Cracks whip)

Sgt_Slaughter70d ago

At this point, I don't even want the franchise back with the way EA is currently. It would be turned into a shell of its former glory and be only recognizable in name only (exactly like Need For Speed).

gangsta_red70d ago

What a great unintentional name, Burnout Returns

DarXyde70d ago

They kinda did that already with what was the best Burnout game (in my opinion): Burnout Revenge.

More of that, less Paradise, please.

Becuzisaid70d ago

Finally someone who shares my opinion! Burnout 3 and Revenge were the best of Burnout. Paradise was the beginning of the end of the franchise.

Venoxn4g69d ago

I would love a remaster or remake of Burnout: takedown and revenge ..two best Burnout games for me

Retroman70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Burnout has never left. it is all intertwined in Payback, Heat and now in Unbounded. we don't need any more Burnout wannabes. we want a Real NFS!!!! Damn it.
NFS is only a Shell of its Glory day's now.

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