Starship Troopers is getting a new shooter with the right studio behind it

From Polygon: "The studio behind the beloved tactical first-person shooter Squad is creating a new game based on Starship Troopers. Offworld Industries and Sony Pictures Consumer Products announced Monday that Starship Troopers: Extermination, a 12-player, squad-based shooter that pits troopers against swarms of giant bugs, is headed to Windows PC in 2023, where it will launch in Steam’s Early Access program.

Starship Troopers: Extermination’s announcement is timed to the original film’s 25th anniversary; Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi satire hit movie theaters on Nov. 7, 1997. Extermination appears to lean heavy on the guns-and-guts action of Starship Troopers fiction, with players taking on the role of a soldier in the Deep Space Vanguard on a mission to squash bugs on the alien planet Valaka.

According to Offworld Industries, players will work together in squads of four to complete objectives, acquire resources, build up and defend a base, and fight to extract from the planet in one piece. Roles are split into three classes (assault, support, and defense) but it appears all players can contribute to base defense by building walls, sentry towers, and ammo stations using gathered resources. Players will be able to communicate using a ping system to call out points of interest and incoming threats. Players will face at least five bug types when Starship Troopers: Extermination launches, Offworld said, implying that there’s more to come."

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gangsta_red67d ago

Will there be a shower scene in between the battles?

TOTSUKO67d ago

Lol how about going to training and get your hand stabbed by Mr Krabs

got_dam66d ago

I had no idea the Kurgan is Mr krabs. That's crazy.

RedDevils66d ago

Will you do your part though?

just_looken66d ago

With today's censorship and all the clipboard must have in to make our product viable crap like micro-transactions i will just take a good long campaign with a multiplayer part.

Bugs vs humans mp would be fun

On the comment subject has anyone also noticed how loose nudity/violence/real gun fire was in the 20th century films?. Every show and or movie back then was not afraid to show skin swear or make a joke the good old days.

Vits67d ago

Yeah... those bugs are not behaving as they should. Way too passive.

CrimsonWing6967d ago

When I see Early Access, my expectations dip a bit.

Crows9067d ago

Im all in on this if it's good.

staticall66d ago

I wish someone would make Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy 2. Or at least remake original Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy. Or at the very least, release original game on GOG or something.
Hope this game is good, haven't played in Squad. But judging from video description, it's coop only? No mention of AI partners. And post make it sense like AI would struggle with such tasks. If it's coop only, it's an instant fail for me personally, don't have anyone to play with.

Terran Command was good-ish, but i didn't like that you do not get attached to your squad at all, they're completely expendable, in original movies each death felt...heavy?
2007 shooter had interesting ideas (mostly plot and some cool locations), but balancing was really bad, fights were sooooooo long and most of the weapons felt same-y. Also, so many bugs, not arachnid-kind, but programming ones. Some missions were requiring at least 3-5 restarts.

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The story is too old to be commented.