How Did Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Sell More Than God of War Ragnarok? | Podcast 61

TechRaptor, "On this week's podcast, we chat about Netflix Games, Ragnarok Sales, and Pokemon Scarlet Violet's Sales too. Plus Impressions of both!"

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Neonridr71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

the Switch has almost 100 million more units in the wild. Not hard to see why a game as popular as Pokemon would sell more than God of War.

Vits71d ago

That would be a good justification if GoW wasn't a cross-gen released with a market potential of over 130 million. Whereas the Switch moved only around 114 million.

The reason is more likely to do with the franchise power. On that front Pokemon is miles ahead of GoW.

Neonridr71d ago

fair enough, I totally wasn't thinking about the PS4 install base. I'm curious to know how games like Horizon and GoW sold on last gen vs current gen though. Seems like the PS5 was doing better sales.

Eonjay70d ago

Two reasons:. It's the biggest franchise on Earth and the the games sales aren't counted individually like all other games. They are added together. Always have been. So GOW can be the highest SKU but when we add the two Pokemon skus together we can say it outsold GOW.

1Victor70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Remember if you want to catch ‘‘em all you need to buy 2 games 🤷🏿
That’s a potential 228 millions games 😱

shinoff218370d ago

To be fair vits

My friend is specifically waiting until he gets a ps5 to get the gow. He might be just one person but where there's one there's many.

Vits69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


Congrats? Like that does not has anything to do with anything. But good for your friend.

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-Foxtrot71d ago

I think the answer to the question is obvious

It's still sad though we live in a time where a game which is poorer quality, not as good as what the franchise could be and also just barebones sells more than something which is overall better quality.

Again the Pokemon franchise is huge and so is the appeal but because of that people give it a free pass and continue to eat whatever shit is thrown at them. Literally the responses to it are like...

"Yeah it might not be the best quality, there's bugs, there's glitches, there's not a lot to do, the level scaling is rubbish, the designs are still not the best, the world feels empty or barren, there's very limiting character customization choices, there's not many engaging side quests, it's far too easy or even dumbed down...bu bu but it's still the BEST Pokemon experience we have and I'm having fun I guess"

We've been given so many subpar Pokemon experiences over the years that we settle anything just a tiny bit over the low bar set.

Neonridr70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

again, aside from the technical issues it is generally seen as the best pokemon game in a long time. Maybe that bar is low, but generally speaking people enjoy the games for the most part. I see my kid and the enjoyment he's getting from the game. You know what he hasn't said to me once? Why does the game slow down here and there.

God of War doesn't appeal to as many people, plain and simple.

Chard70d ago

Well yes, technical issues can be overlooked if the gameplay is fun.
It’s a bonus that many of the glitches are hilarious

SenorFartCushion70d ago

It’s definitely worse in terms of quality but everyone I know who has both games have finished Pokémon first.

343_Guilty_Spark70d ago

Game isn't targeted to 50 year olds like you.

Stopac69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

That's a little presumptuous. Sometimes a game doesn't have to be technically optimized to have fun with it. I mean I played it everyday straight from release date to today and it's great. Makes me wish there was a switch pro but I'm having fun.

When did fun stop being the major contributing factor to what makes a great game?

Mr_Writer8569d ago (Edited 69d ago )

"that people give it a free pass and continue to eat whatever shit is thrown at them"

A) The game is fun, performance can be poor and still be a fun game

B) It's more popular with children who don't care about performance.

Should I feel bad because I've bought three version, one each for my children and one for me?

You may deem me "part of the problem" and maybe I am, but when I not only have fun, but have fun with my children and we have some quality bonding time then you can't tell me I am not having fun.

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SeTTriP70d ago

Pokémon is older then I am it's a brand that far exceeds gow fan base why is this news, why is this surprising?

dekke71d ago

and its 2 games not one :P

Neonridr70d ago

even if you broke them up they'd outsell most titles.

DOMination-70d ago

When I was younger I worked in gaming retail and not once did I see someone buy both Pokemon games. Not doubting there are people out there who would but its a very small percentage and not the reason it has so many sales

SoulWarrior70d ago

How did one of the largest entertainments products ever outsell virtually every other game?

kayoss70d ago

1. Pokémon is a very popular name brand across the world.
2. Pokémon appeals to a larger and diverse (in age) audience vs God of war which is targeted at a more mature audience.
3. Pokémon games are better advertised

curtain_swoosh70d ago

i think age has little or next to nothing to do with it. look at call of duty. all of the kiddies play it.

Mr_Writer8570d ago

Kiddies who parents don't know how to parent sure.

I wouldn't let my 6 and 9 year old play them, but they have been playing Pokémon since the age of 4 (with my help obviously)

Most kids their age are more into Pokémon and Minecraft than COD.

Hence why especially outside of gaming both IPs are bigger than COD.

MajorLazer70d ago

I'd say 11/12 is a decent age to start playing more mature titles, whilst Pokemon is pretty much appropriate since birth.

Mr_Writer8569d ago


But still not old enough to play COD.

If you have a child who is under 15 years old playing COD you're a bad parent.

Overwatch 2

That's at least 2 age appropriate shooter games suitable for 12 years old and above.

masterfox70d ago

pokemons games are for people that are........nah I wont say anything. :D

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