Fan creating 60fps mod for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

From Eurogamer: "A Pokémon fan is creating a 60fps mod for Scarlet and Violet that significantly boosts performance.

The mod, created by theboy181, is not yet complete or publicly available, but videos have been posted on Twitter showing the smoother frame rate.

Of course, this is all happening on a PC emulator rather than the Switch directly."

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ABizzel169d ago

When you make low-end / bottom-end hardware it's inevitable PC players will emulate and mod.

The Switch was so successful and sold at $300+ nearly the entire generation for the docked version, I'm sure Nintendo is going the mobile route again, and if so we'll be seeing the device emulated within the first 2 years again.

CobraKai68d ago

This is actually the first time I’ve been disappointed by a Pokémon game. This looks like it’s Dreamcast era only not as nice. If the shoddy frame rates were one thing, the angular terrain and tiled textures were the other.

Number1TailzFan68d ago

The difference though is the Dreamcast was actually next gen for its time, unlike a few Nintendo consoles.

Double_O_Revan68d ago

When I first started the game I was amazed at all the quality of life improvements. The auto battle was easily one of my favorite features. Grinding took no time at all. It's enjoyable to play.

I noticed some slow downs and shadow glitches right away, but I was having fun. But the more and more I play, the harder and harder it is to ignore the abysmal performance, ugly ass textures and large number of graphical glitches.

I was blinded at first, but now I'm pretty disappointed in the state of the game. As soon as I got to the school, which was the first big town, and noticed how bare it was and started to see what people were talking about. The are is gigantic and has only a couple of shops. Which repeat several times to fill out the area.

badz14968d ago the faraway characters can now move at a stable 20fps?