GameCyte Review: KORG DS-10 Synthesizer

GameCyte: "Gaming and music go together in a number of wonderful ways. Video games have had music ever since computer hardware could produce sound, but several games have now used music as their central theme and primary mechanic, with titles like Guitar Hero and DrumMania bringing a high level of audio interactivity to even the musically unskilled. Recently, developers have started to explore the other side of the coin, as well: Instead of bringing the timeless activity of making music to the structured, accessible world of gaming, some new titles are taking the familiar, simple tools and hardware of video games and applying them to the world of music creation. Back when Wii Music was released, Nintendo made the claim that their new title was "not a game," and could be used for creative purposes. Of course, when we reviewed it, we discovered that the leap hadn't quite been made from game to instrument, especially given Wii Music's rigid game-like structure and limited capacity for actual creativity."

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