Ve3tro - Ninja Blade: Sixty HD Screens from Japanese Demo

The demo for Ninja Blade has just been released in Japan, Ve3tro managed to get their grubby hands on it.

After a few hours of hack 'n slash Ve3tro brings you a library of HD pictures.

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Elven63582d ago

This game looks interesting, not sure if it could live upto Ninja Gaiden though.

NaiNaiNai3582d ago

well if you have XBL create a jap account and just download the demo, i did this last night. i have to say the game is rather good.

Heldrasil3582d ago

I wont play this just because the name "Ninja Blade" is awfully generic...

NewZealander3582d ago

so you would rather not play a game just because its got a generic name?

well not the best reason in the world but fair enough i guess, im looking forward to NB, i love a good ninja slasher and just reciently played ninja gaiden 2 and loved it.

Heldrasil3582d ago

Sarcasm is such a hard thing to decode when typing I guess...
I will still play it, looks okay. Witht that being said though, the name still sucks.