No Game Has Taken A Bigger Risk Than Nier: Automata

God of War Ragnarok, Sonic Frontiers, and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have all been described as risky games, but none compare to Nier: Automata

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Michiel198959d ago

Ico, Death Stranding, Mirror's Edge....just to name a few.

porkChop59d ago

Yeah those games all took much more serious risks. I was blown away that Mirror's Edge even got greenlit, especially when it was from the Battlefield devs. What major risk did Nier Automata take?

Michiel198958d ago

Mirror's Edge was such a breath of fresh air. I had never even played anything remotely close to that game and I really loved the clean visual style they went for. I would actually love to see a remake of that game and see what they can do with the visuals.

Tapani59d ago

Monolith Software took a massive risk with Xenoblade Chronicles. They were internally on a brink of financial catastrophy, and Takahashi-san mentioned the team felt this will be the final game they can ever work at this scale with him and in the company, and thus poured their soul and heart into the game. It became a cult classic, and prompted the M&A with Nintendo which saved them. Now they are thriving.

Also, I think Nier: Replicant, and Demon's Souls was higher risk products than Automata. If you examine it closely, Replicant's themes were mostly bathing in despair (most characters died, including side quest characters, and were genuinely suffering etc.). Automata's overall theme is similar, but given it came out later, and Drakengard 3's poor sales, I'd say Replicant itself was a much riskier project.

mastershredder59d ago

I bet you spent well over 1k on Nier “collectables”.

lonewolf1059d ago

The entire game’s existence is built upon the secret ending of a PS2 game that came out decades ago none of us played.

I did and wasn't that game a bigger risk than Automata, where as Automata had people that experienced Nier before to spread some word, Nier did not?

shinoff218359d ago

I played all drakengard games

curtain_swoosh59d ago

i agree

i thjnk even drakengard 2 and 3 were a risk. more so than Automata

masterfox59d ago

of course is risky when you release a game so poorly optimized and still expecting to sell great numbers of it.

AKS59d ago

It was interesting to see reviewers claim one would "barely notice" when Breath of the Wild dropped to 15 fps in grassy fields but yet were "very disappointed" that Nier: Automata did not maintain a rock solid 60 fps. Curious how those standards vary substantially by game.

shinoff218359d ago

That sir is the Nintendo bias. Its rampant in the media

FinalFantasyFanatic59d ago

I don't really remember any slowdowns in BoTW, it ran pretty smoothly for me for the most part, it seems to be well optimized compared to more recent Switch games.

AKS58d ago

@FinalFantasyFanatic There were optimization patches that tried to address frame rate problems that didn't exist?

curtain_swoosh59d ago

u say that, but when it came out on ps4 and xbox, i found it to be a fairly optimised game. i never had any issues with it ever.

nommers59d ago

They really tried to throw pokemon in there

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