1UP StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Interview

1UP: "Wait, what the heck is StarCraft 2 doing here? While Blizzard is still sticking to its general "when it's done" release date for the first installment of the StarCraft 2 trilogy, Wings of Liberty, we were still able to snag some details for our Games of 2009 hub. We snagged some exclusive (and highly work-in-progress) screens from the single-player campaign that you pretty much had to be at BlizzCon to have seen beforehand. Blizzard personnel stressed how work-in-progress these screens are (in fact, one of them might not be accurate anymore), so think of this as a snapshot of where SC2 is right now. After all, remember that the original StarCraft looked like this before it ended up being like this. Additionally, we caught up with lead designer Dustin Browder, and had him talking about how and why the campaign is longer, how StarCraft 2 appeals to both pro Koreans and newbies, and what's up with Jim Raynor."

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