Is Battlefield 2042 Worthy of being Saved by Game Pass

Is Battlefield 2042 worthy of being saved now that’s it’s had updates and been added to Game Pass?

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porkChop60d ago

It was added to EA Play, not specifically to Game Pass itself. You don't get access to EA Play with GP, only GP Ultimate.

Lightning7760d ago

The game is actually on gamepass. It was quietly added on there.

just_looken60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

If you click on it on pc it opens ea app and goes into ea access to downloaded it.

The game as one that has put hundreds of hours into it has issues from day one still 45htz servers and the spawn system is throwing you into bullets.

The new season 3 map has spawn points were i spawned inside a enemy vehicle i was on there last night i spawned 3 different zones 5 times every time i spawned and died before i could move my character.

The gun balance is screwed up friend/foe still guessing game and the specialist balance is as good as rainbow 6 siege i mean that in a bad way.

Not worth the $40 for ea access but hey it went from 800-1.6k players to over 8 thousand now.

Oh and they still have mckay with armor/health pack/ grapple hook for exploiting and the fastest movement speed in the game.

Snookies1260d ago

Nah, I'd rather download Battlefield V again lol.

MadLad60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I just play BF1 when I need a fix.
Something tells me we're looking at a shelved franchise if Zampella can't fix things with the next release.

TheEnigma31360d ago

They really need to go back to the basics on what made it great.

headshotfrosty60d ago

Pretty fun game now. Having a blast

boing160d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Same. I have more fun with BF than with Warzone2.0 currently. Ignorants can stay ignorant IMO.

headshotfrosty59d ago

Yea I went back to COD after 2042 and can’t play COD as much now. Too “Arcady”

badboyz0960d ago

I'm just going to say there's an open market for a Sim army shooter because Battlefield is done.

shinoff218360d ago

Being saved by gamepass. Such a bs way of thinking. Like gamepass is the end all be all. Where games go to get saved. It's really not a big deal but I just find the wording irritating. Mainly cause it shows where some people's thought of mind is and wtf people

thesoftware73060d ago

Yes, when people don't have to pay extra for something, and things are included it could potentially have an impact of user or new adopters...its highly likely that with 30million GP subscribers and the new game update it could see a surge in yes possibly adding millions of players to a game could be considered, saving it.

Like it or not, GP is a thing..kinda like when Guardians of the Galaxy devs said the game saw a good jump in player count after underperforming on it's own...kinda like this game.

shinoff218360d ago

Naw not really nice try thesoftware

People will try it sure but I wouldn't call it being saved. Not at all. Your post have a way of making me. Nevermind

atsugiT260d ago

@shinoff Its interesting that people do the nevermind thing in text. If you actually change your mind about wanting to type something, you can just hit backspace a couple times and be done with it. Dramatic effect I gue.. Nevermind

Elda60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

More people may play it through GP but in most case those same people aren't going to pay the retail price so how is that saving it?

EvertonFC60d ago

So play and save a shit game cause it's on GP?
That makes sense/S🙄🤔
That's like saying xbox gamers just shit on BF cause they couldn't be assed to pay for it.
Hey the games great now cause it's on GP ? Pmsl

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Crows9060d ago

It could also be 'saved' by ps plus. But you know...journalists are only paid to promote gamepass.

shinoff218360d ago

I still wouldn't call it saved. But you have a point.

thesoftware73059d ago

But it's not in PS+ is it?

What in blue hell, your entire argument was that the game can't be saved just and you hate how people make GP seem like a big deal, then in a second breath you validate someones point about Ps plus in some strange what if possibility?

Crows9059d ago


Guess you missed the ' ' around the word saved...better luck next time. My point and the point he agreed with is that the game doesnt need gamepass to be 'saved', assuming it would save anything, because there are other services that could also 'save' it...

EvertonFC60d ago

Agreed, it's like gamers who have shit on it for 2 years suddenly think it's ok to play a crap game when it's on GP or any other sub lol.

CBaoth60d ago

yes they do. It's ok though. We don't have to see a certain segment of the community casting shade on walking sims, interactive movies, side scrollers w/o text, etc....anymore. Uncle Phil just spooning Gerbers into hungy lil' Xbox mouths at the high chair.

Rocosaurus60d ago

Many of people that didn't buy it will now try it out. Some of them will like it.

SurgicalMenace59d ago

The real question is what is exposure worth if it doesn't translate into sales. Most GP subs are regulated to being and remaining as thrifty gamers. This means they'll spend more time waiting until the service provides the experience instead of stepping up to make the purchase. They're so proud that MS is willing to pay where they aren't willing to the same as a child would do. Now we have this empty narrative of engagement and exposure with no numbers showing sales transitions. What good is player count when Nintendo and Sony are both showing how well games actually sale on their platforms?

gangsta_red59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Not really the point of this article or any point of relation. Why would sales matter at this point for this game when it's considered a commercial failure?

This game has a low player count due to gameplay issues and other related criticisms, a boost in player numbers is being suggested here because it's on a gaming service with a high attachment count and could potentially boost player activity.

"What good is player count when Nintendo and Sony are both showing how well games actually sale on their platforms?"

I say it's pretty important when a game sole focus is on multiplayer. What good are sales for a live service game if there's no one playing it?

"They're so proud that MS is willing to pay where they aren't willing to the same as a child would do."

Aren't these same "children" paying monthly, yearly for a service that provides games the same other companies like Netflix, Spotify, Apple+, etc, etc provide content?

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