Activision’s $69 Billion Sale to Microsoft Draws Challenge

A Swedish state-run pension fund sued Activision Blizzard Inc. and Microsoft Corp., claiming their planned $69 billion merger was rigged to exploit the beleaguered gaming giant’s sexual harassment crisis and protect its CEO.

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Thundercat77569d ago

"Microsoft deliberately used the harassment scandal and its commercial advantage over Activision to offer Kotick a way to save his own skin. The corporation colluded with Kotick and the board to help them avoid the personal and professional consequences of this scandal."

This is getting very very ugly for Phil and Kotick. This "deal" has many wrong things and now we are talking about "criminal implications"

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft drops the deal amidst all these scandals and corruption. It could even cost Phil his career.

Sonyslave3569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Lol this sheet ain’t stopping nothing lol Microsoft trying to save Bobby’s skin 😭😭 man get out of here. Microsoft already hire a third party to investigate and handle any scandals from them and soon Activison Blizzard.

People already tried this so many times in USA and failed

SullysCigar569d ago

Something fishy - and potentially 'fraudy' - about all this. I expect Phil's Sphincter's a little twitchy about now.

Hofstaderman569d ago

Phil says “It wasn’t me”

MrVux000568d ago

I wonder what will happen in next episode of "Phil Spencer Says" ... the plot of this show is so good it almost puts ''Jim Lying'' show to shame.

just_looken569d ago

A busniess buyout is not all on board and compaines can be corrupt? i am so shock i tell you /s

All this Microsoft activision talk yet ea own's the majority of racing/sports game ip's.

babadivad569d ago

I honestly wonder how many people here would be against this deal if Sony were attempting to purchase Activision.

just_looken569d ago


In your list you forgot Embracer has been like pacman last few years that list was 3x larger but Embracer purchsed koch media then slowly ate there way across asia/europe/austrailia and is on north America right now.

They can buy any one of those studios also either the full company or a chunk at a time.

neutralgamer1992569d ago (Edited 569d ago )


Your opinion is well known. You want this deal to go through but fact of the matter is now this deal has a very high probability of not going through


It's common sense because Activision were getting so much bad PR and suddenly this olive branch was offered. What's totally absurd is Phil said he is against less gamers getting to play yet since they Ms have acquired so many studios and Bethesda and now are trying to act like a 2 trillion dollar little engine that could against the big bad PlayStation

I am a Xbox fan and hate this deal if it goes through. This won't help me but if this deal goes through Sony will retaliate by acquiring some of their Japanese publishers so as a gamer I want more options not less

Square enix
Take two
CD project red

Should all be off limit and should remain 3rd party

And please stop comparing timed exclusive content to permanently exclusive games

neutralgamer1992568d ago


Let me be very clear I have no horse in this race but I am against all console makers staying away from acquiring publishers

Difference is they buy and keep games on all platforms. Also if you look at the last few years they have remade some really awesome PS2 era games and they support a healthy AA market. Back during zps2, GameCube and Xbox we had very healthy mid size publishers but now it seems either it's a AAA game or indies

What use to be cheat codes or unlockables via playing is being sold to us as micro transactions, we had publishers like midway and midway willing to take chances on smaller but very good projects like Darksiders and red faction etc

Back than games had to be something special to get 10/10 and now if a big game doesn't get 10/10 fans harass the reviewer

Times have changed

dcbronco569d ago

The Swedish government was willing to chase Julian Assange across the planet for nothing but can't arrest a Microsoft employee? Nonsense.

Fake news.

Godmars290568d ago

At the same time, didn't Phil literally admit that Activision's scandal's were his excuse for buying it? That he saw blood in the water.

Andrew336568d ago

In what universe would Spencer say this? Delusionalville where half you people commenting on here must be from to think Phil or anyone is gonna lose their job over this acquisition attempt?

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XiNatsuDragnel569d ago

Man this deal could potentially be canned so at this rate.

DarkZane569d ago

At this point, it's very likely to be canned.

343_Guilty_Spark568d ago

It will go through. It already has in a few countries.

isarai569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

What's more concerning is Phil willing to shelter Bobby from any consequences of sexual harassment. Likely using it as leverage in the deal. These people are f#@ked in the head if that's the case, which seems like it is, based on the fact that Bobby is still there.

Sonyslave3569d ago

🤔 Ms don’t owned ABK yet so they can’t fire or change anything of the company

isarai569d ago

You would think either Activision would've gotten rid of him, or Phil would have him gone as a prerequisite for the deal. Either way the only logical reason he's still there is that this deal somehow has that outcome in the balance, when it really shouldn't.

Thundercat77569d ago

Very concerning. That's why I believe this deal can cost Phis his career at Xbox. By the way things are getting hotter and escalating every week, is seems obvious there are major concerns here that needs to be investigated.

thesoftware730569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Phil Spencer will not lose his job over a attempted merger not going through. He is leading MS out of a dump that they have been in with the Xbox one...no way they fire him.

As a matter of fact he is set to receive an award next month.

badz149569d ago


"He is leading MS out of a dump that they have been in with the Xbox one"

err...you do know that was still Phil's doing, right? Don Mattrick left I think even before the xbone's launch.

sinspirit569d ago (Edited 569d ago )


He lead them into the "dump" with the XBox One. He was in charge of the european studios, Rare and Lionhead for example, and made one shut down and the other all the og members left the same time that he eventually got promoted to being in charge of all their gaming studios and pushed everyone to focus on Kinect, especially his European studios he was already in charge of. The last half of 360s lifespan when no games were coming, it was his fault. Ever since then, everyone keeps wishing for the same level of gaming, innovation, and effort since XBox original and 360 days. That award nomination seems satirical at this point.

thesoftware730569d ago

Yes, yes that was then, look at the shift...why would they get rid of him now when he is in fact leading Xbox in an upward direction?

No matter the talk about major exclusives and all the other jazz, the Series systems is once again serious competition, and selling very well, and obviously cannot be ignored, if you agree with their actions or strategy, makes no difference opposed to the facts.

SullysCigar568d ago

^ How exactly is Phil "leading them out of this"?

He created the problem. He's not fixing it.

The parent company is throwing money at the problem. Money he couldn't possibly have generated through xbox, thanks to his past failings.

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porkChop569d ago

Activision's top investors and board would be the only ones that could motion to remove Bobby Kotick before the sale goes through. They weren't trying to do that before they knew about the sale, aside from one investor. So they clearly don't have any interest in doing that. Microsoft themselves cannot legally enact any changes to ABK until they actually own them. That includes firing Bobby Kotick. The closest thing they could do is include a stipulation that he resigns or is fired as soon as the sale goes through. So we'll have to see when/if the sale goes through.

Hofstaderman569d ago

With a payout like that should the sale go through I would gladly be fired or resign while flipping everyone off. There’s no denying Microsoft used this situation to leverage the proposed acquisition. No wonder everyone was releasing statements left right and centre, this looks bad for Microsoft’s corporate image.