Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 10-1

Here we are then, the final installment in our Top 50 Games of 2008. It's worth reiterating once again that the list is not intended as a definitive rundown of the 50 best games of the year, but instead reflects votes cast by our staff and contributors based on the games they have played and enjoyed.

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morganfell5142d ago

A landmark in achievement for gaming is number 30? Why should I care about their choices for 1-10.

pansenbaer5142d ago

What are you talking about? Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 was a MUCH better game than Metal Gear Solid 4.

/#1 sarcasm of 2008...

MAR-TYR-DOM5142d ago

no mgs4 or resistance 2 in top 10? Oh wait i forgot its eurogamer. They were intellectually too stupid to play MGS4 as said in their review.

Pika-pie5142d ago

Pritty much agree with the top 3 although id put them in a different order.

IzKyD13315142d ago

And so was Guitar Hero: World Tour! /sarcasm
if your gonna put a music game in the top ten, than atleast put one that actually deserves to be there like Rockband 2.....and the reason MGS4 was at 30 was because the idiots at eurogamer gave it an 8/10

swinesucker5142d ago

I have it but won't even play it until I finish MGS 3 and 2. Still, I was honestly scaling the list expecting this as 1 when fallout went 2.

Little did I know it was 30. For shame. V chronicles, maybe, honestly, the best game of the year itself in reality????

Not even on the list.

Danja5142d ago

This list is a complete failure..they got #1 right ..

but this list is crap...MGS4..not in the top 10..?.. FAIL

umair_s515142d ago

Its a shame that valkyria chronicles is not even on it.

omni_atlas5142d ago

"Oli Welsh: God knows why Sony thought an experimental 2D platformer would save the PlayStation 3. It didn't. It did, however, save 2D platformers, which in the long run is probably just as important. It's such a happy little riot, especially in the fantastic four-player co-op. "

Wasn't Oli Welsh the dumbass that wrote the MGS4 review and gave it a 7?

callahan095142d ago

I can't even count how many of the games they put above Resistance 2 didn't deserve to be there. Mercenaries 2? Condemned 2? Give me a break. Those two games aren't NEARLY as good as Resistance 2. And that's just sticking with the action genre. It barely cracked the top 50 (#47 to be exact) and that's just idiotic for one of the most epic, addictive, and deep gaming experiences of the year. I don't care about your comparisons of its campaign to Gears 2 or its competitive to Halo 3 or its co-op to Left 4 Dead, it takes all three of those segments and delivers a remarkably fun game that any FPS-fan who owns a PS3 simply needs to own. And MGS4 at #30? The games they put above it are just insane. I can't believe how unbelievably stupid this list is.

badz1495142d ago

let alone this list! people at Eurogamer are mentally retarded anyway! they seems to hate great games!

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Johnny Cullen5142d ago

I do agree with #1, MGS should have been top 10 at least.

That said, they have somewhat redeemed themselves by having LBP as No. 1. If MGS4 wasn't gonna be No. 1, I would have had LBP as No. 1, glad it did.

happyface5142d ago


mgs is better than that kiddie crap lbp but I dont think MGS is very good either

very bad list IMO

MegaMohsi5142d ago

Can someone list the top 10, the website is blocked from my office.

Johnny Cullen5142d ago

1 - LittleBigPlanet
2 - Fallout 3
3 - Grand Theft Auto IV
4 - Fable II
5 - Braid
6 - Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
7 - Left 4 Dead
8 - Gears of War 2
9 - Guitar Hero: World Tour
10 - World of Goo

Fiona5142d ago

i feel your pain MegaMohsi. Thanks Johnny.

theEnemy5142d ago

You guys are not missing anything.

They flamed the games on 11-50.

And the list is crap IMO.

Galvanise5142d ago

Deserves it. How many GOTY has it won now?

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