SIGNALIS Is The Best Silent Hill Game Since Silent Hill 3

If you're a Silent Hill fan who has dearly missed how Silent Hill used to be, SIGNALIS will be among your favorite releases of this year.

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Orchard65d ago

Not sure I'd call it a SH game - but I've been playing through it over Thanksgiving and highly recommend checking it out if you're a survival horror fan - it's one of the best survival horror experiences in years.

Vits65d ago

Yeah, I agree. If anything it reminded me more of Dino Crisis 1, particularly the atmosphere and puzzles.

Knushwood Butt65d ago

I would like to check this out.

NapalmSanctuary63d ago

There is an area of the game called nowhere which is modeled after an area in SH1 with the same name. Once you get there the SH influence on the game becomes undeniable.

gangsta_red65d ago

Yeah, this game has a great eerie atmosphere. And I love the pixel graphic style.

"It captures some of the best aspects of Silent Hill’s psychological horror and Resident Evil’s survival horror to make a truly intense and captivating horror experience."

I agree completely with this comparison.

Yet another great addition to Game Pass.

Yui_Suzumiya64d ago

I'm buying a physical copy for Switch when it releases in February alongside the physical copy of Prodeus. Both published by Humble.

shinoff218363d ago

Same just different console. It looks real good.

NapalmSanctuary63d ago

Prodeus looks awesome. I love what they did with graphics too. Signalis is most definitely worth owning a physical copy.

shinoff218363d ago

Have you played this.

Graphics aren't everything.

loveallsystems63d ago

No way this is better than SH 4.

wheatbix30763d ago

sh4 is definitely a good game
the games don’t drop in quality after 3