Downloading your games? Get ready for extra fees

Arstechnica writes: "The business of selling games has rapidly changed over the past few years, mainly because online services have allowed developers to bypass the middleman that is retail stores. There are major advantages to purchasing a game via digital distribution: it's insanely more convenient than driving to a store, customers avoid pushy salespeople, the titles themselves are often cheaper than physical copies, and no one has to keep track of the game disc. As it turns out, though, that last aspect might not be entirely true, because one of the biggest digital distributors requires customers to buy the option to re-download programs for more than a limited amount of time."

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DragonWarrior465345272d ago

Ha, thank god I don't buy pc games. Psn and xbox marketplace ftw!

JsonHenry5272d ago

Been downloading my PC games ever since STEAM started and I have never had any of the problems listed.

sukru5272d ago

steam is the way to go. it offers so much benefits that i forget it's a form of drm itself.

Conquistador5272d ago

Personal diary excerpt 54:

I am sad to report that the men no longer have the resources to capture the flowing waters of gold and treasure that inhabit many of the larger cities. The natives are making it more and more difficult for us to reach the sources, and killing them off is, quite frankly, becoming a chore.

As such, from here on out, I have ordered my men to discontinue the search for liquid gold (my men, for reasons unkown to me have decided to call these treasures 'downloads').

Alas, all hope is not yet lost. Outside many cities sits natural vents in the ground. Through these vents the gold rivers evaporate and out of the ground comes Steam. This Steam seems to be a far easier way to achieve my quota for the King, as I do not have to deal with these pesky natives. No doubt they will notice my witty plan and try to put a stop to it. We shall see about that...

DragonWarrior465345272d ago

Amen,, all hail to the Conquistador!

Proxy5272d ago

we examine the poor business practices of a failing online distributor.