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Jason says, "I’m known for finding the flaws, being critical of the things that fanboys want swept under the rug. God of War 2018 demonstrated a level of series innovation and reinvention that just could not be ignored. Ragnarök does not do this: its biggest flaw, indeed. It is at its core a PS4 game enhanced for the PS5, built on and expanded from an existing template. But that’s pretty much it’s ONLY problem. For every single thing I can nitpick, there are two things worth praising. The good of this game far outweighs the bad, almost erasing it entirely and leaving one of the most epic, polished, and finest pieces of cinematic gaming you could possibly have. And it does it using mythology true to its form, yet uniquely built for its own Kratos-centric narrative. This is peak action-adventure cinema you simply should not miss."

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GoodGuy0961d ago

Yea there were definitely some sections of the game that made me roll my eyes because they were so obviously made to compensate for last gen...
Welp good news is, their next game is more likely to be current gen exclusive.

Knushwood Butt61d ago

There were also a few bits where I was thinking, 'They got this running on PS4?!!'.

** I am playing on PS5

SurgicalMenace60d ago

Plenty of those "how is this possible on PS4" moments. It just seems as though people don't want to recognize the true talent Sony displays in their games. No one's talking crazy when a PC game can run on a high and low end graphic card. Why is there such an issue with Sony? There are games on the PS4 that can give current gen a run for its money and a few current gen games that don't make the cut. Let them hate because they'll find any reason at this point.

MeatyUrologist60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Anything in particular? I'm truly curious, because although I am loving the game, I haven't seen anything that screams impossible on last gen. Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful game, but I just replayed gow2018 before ragnarok, and they are very similar graphically.

Things like invisible walls everywhere, lack of interactivity, instantly disappearing bodies, weird animation hitches, "hidden" loading sequences all scream last gen. I know I will get hate for not gushing over every aspect, but I feel like this could have been mindblowing if they went current gen only.

Knushwood Butt60d ago

The main bit was during the buildup at the end. I can't go into detail without sporlers, but there was so much going on and so many things happening on screen.

dumahim59d ago

It may not have been technically difficult, but looking out in the distance when I got to Asgard was downright pretty. Not sure why it stood out for me. Reminded me of Death Stranding, but even better.

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Dof61d ago

Still better than any other next gen game released so far. Funny how only ragnarok attracts this criticism, but not other games.

Jin_Sakai61d ago

“Still better than any other next gen game released so far.”

And if it were a current gen only game it would be even better. Last gen needs to go.

SurgicalMenace60d ago

Really? Just think if the PC community shared in your sentiment there'd be masses of people who couldn't keep up with high end cards that wouldn't be playing. If GoW didn't look current gen enough for you, why not get a job at Sony and show us all how it's done. Let's go champ!!

MrVux00060d ago


That counterargument would make sense, if PCs high end GPUs would come out every 6-8 years instead of annually.

PS4 has been with us since 2013, Jim Ryan stated that it will be supported until 2023 / 2024. That is 3 - 4 years PS5 will not be fully utilized with a lot of First Party Games and third party ... Jin_Sakai has his hot-takes, but this one is shared by a lot of Playstation gamers.

Jin_Sakai60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

“If GoW didn't look current gen enough for you, why not get a job at Sony and show us all how it's done. Let's go champ!!“

Weak argument. The game would still look better if it were current gen only. That’s a fact.

shinoff218360d ago

Everyone of ya sound like spoiled brats.

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SullysCigar61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yeah, remember all those Elden Ring reviews complaining it was a last gen game?

Me neither. Yet GOW looks HEAPS better graphically.

Interesting that it has been submitted combining the ACTUAL title of the article with the one negative line buried in a great deal of text. I thought N4G was supposed to use the actual title only? This is the definition of clickbait. The review is glowing throughout and this brings the sole negative into the title, for attention.

TheKingKratos60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

That's what i find funny

the level of salt over this game is amusing... Elden Ring is so last gen with outdated graphics and gameplay....yet no one is saying anything because it's a multiplatform game....but oh well, it's life and business as usual for playstation games

SullysCigar60d ago

^ Agreed. I liked Elden Ring, but everything you said is true. Add to that it's terrible performance and you have to wonder how these aspects didn't affect the scores to a greater degree..

It's a bit suspect.

SurgicalMenace60d ago

Let not even talk about the horribly aged combat system, ugly graphics, pop in, and poor narrative; these are the things the "best game ever" is made of.

TheKingKratos60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Yeah i forgot about the performance...which was indeed laughable on ps5
As for the scores, i swear that's the same thing i said it's basically Dark Souls 3.5 and didn't do anything new and also it's easier than the rest and full of bugs and outdated graphics and gameplay...where those scores came from ?? of the few times where i think the scores are not justified at all

If you watched the recent GOWR review by Dunkview he said what i always thought about GOWR ...that it's one of the most complete AAA game released ever

But as i get older reviews and awards become meaningless to me as long as i am having a blast
And Sony games have tons of awards anyway ...too much in fact

MrChow66660d ago (Edited 60d ago )

walking and talking through closed corridors, lifting rocks to clear the way, slipping throuhg tight pathways OVER and Over and over again, yeah that is so much better than Elden Ring. Ragnarok looks amazing but it's all smoke and mirrors and has some genuinely annoying sections like Atreaus and Angrboda part was cringe and it went on for ever, except for the combat I wanted to get over with that crap. not not mention the too abundant recicled from last game puzzles

Imalwaysright60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


Exactly. Elden Ring is starting to be hated by people that are well known useless PS fanboys because it stole the spotlight from Sony's 1st party games and because it's the antithesis of Sony's formulaic games that are so hellbent on putting narrative above all else that they are designed to constantly handhold the player and in doing so their games lack player agency and a sense of mistery, adventure, freedom and accomplishment while Elden Ring delivers those things in spades and executed them perfectly. These useless PS fanboys think that the quality of games can be reduced to graphics and narrative but what truly matters the most is the overall experience a game provides and that's why Elden Ring is considered to be one of the best games in recent years.

SullysCigar60d ago

^ Elden Ring was given a pass for all of it's myriad flaws by the usual, useless Sony haters. They knew the threat brought by Ragnarök.

Look, Elden Ring was a great game, but it's more last gen than Ragnarök. Those useless Sony haters just needed something, anything to stop Sony from winning YET ANOTHER GOTY.

They should really just put their big boy pants on, enjoy both games and quit worrying that some people might also get to enjoy it on a - shock, horror - PS4!

Imalwaysright60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

A pass? Yes, that's the same tired and dumb argument we see with Nintendo games from the useless PS parrot fanboys because their games also tend to outshine Sony's formulaic games.

No, Elden Ring didn't get a pass. It's a game that offers both an overall stellar experience and is a complete 180 in regards to open world design compared to the vast majority of open world games released in the market including Sony's. It's because of FromSoftware's design choices that Elden Ring was a breath of fresh air in the open world genre as opposed to GoW and Forbidden West wich are most definitely Sony's patented games in terms of design choices. The same choices that we've seen since the 7th generation. That's why no one said a word about Elden Ring being last gen. It's because it offers an experience that we rarely saw in other open world genre in the past 20 years. A genre that was extremely fatigued until the likes of BoTW and Elden Ring came along and took the genre back to it's roots where freedom and exploration were valued above all else and didn't handhold the players at every single turn. Ironically, 2 games that piss off useless ps fanboys for not too dissimilar reasons.

TheKingKratos60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


Lol, what was a breath of fresh air about Elden Ring??

The bad performance on ps5 to the point that DF had to recommend the ps4 version on ps5 on launch lol , the tired and same gameplay that seems to never change from Souls games, the outdated graphics because they never bother changing the damn engine at all??.....the boss fights are all pretty subpar for From’s standards minus Godrick, Rennala & Morgott and maybe a couple others. Everything else is pretty standard From Soft except the replay ability. Personally think the open world kills my desire to replay it's not fun because the gameplay kills it for me and it's by far one of the easiest Souls games i played with only Morgott giving me trouble at first .... they peaked with Sekiro and Bloodborne
That was their finest work ...those were actually quite good with everything.....boss fights,mini boss fights,side quests,world building, atmosphere and of course the fudging amazing gameplay especially Sekiro (that was world class gameplay)
Those two games will remain my 2 favourite From Software games ever until they make sequels with new engine

As for GOWR did alot of new things compared to the previous part like far more enemy types and far better boss fights and mini Boss fights with much more side missions and content and more deeper gameplay with tons of options and open all realms with big maps to explore and enjoy .... It got everything i wanted from a sequel and the story and graphics are top notch as always so i have nothing to complain about

Elden Ring is good game that i don't want to came back too again because they were so lazy to try something new like they did with Bloodborne and Sekiro
and after i finish it i will go back to Demon Souls remake which actually feel and look and play like next gen game

But hey, atleast i have options to play both the games and not cry about them like i see you doing right now and calling people you don't know useless because they don't worship the game you love or agree with you ... When all we want for them us to evolve and start upgrading their engine and stop trying to play it safe

And unlike you i have no problems with either of GOWR or Elden Ring winning GOTY

What i notice though is that you always negative on playstation games ... I don't recall seeing you say anything nice about them ...which says alot about you

You sound like an angry fanboy who could not comprehend that people have different opinions than you

CBaoth60d ago

and cue the anti-fan Right who thinks open world is a breath of fresh air. We get it. You never played an open world game till BotW......

LOL i just read your inane post and you couldn't resist mentioning the Nintendo IP. We really need the ignore button. Elden Ring was definitely propped by reviewers like you that think the journey is more important than reaching the goal. It's great to explore but the actual combat felt like something from PS3 Demon's Souls. Great for 2008 but ain't cutting it in 2021. Not when the company has 2 FAR better examples in Bloodborne and Sekiro.

Imalwaysright58d ago


No map filled with icons, true exploration, true freedom, true sense of adventure and no handholding as opposed to the vast majority of open world games that at best offer an illusion of freedom as they're constantly telling you what to do, where to go and how to achieve the goals set by the developer.


Put yourself in your place and don't pretend for one moment that you know the 1st thing about me. I played plenty of open world games and quite frankly it's not my fault that you are so dumb that you can't notice the design choices that Nintendo and FromSoftware made and are a complete 180 from what you see in most so called open world games that are constantly guiding the player and thus only offer an illusion of freedom and completely destroy any sense of exploration and adventure. Design choices that were geared to offer as much player agency as possible and what's funny is that they had to take the genre back to its roots to give new life to a stagnant and tired genre. Watch these videos and educate yourself as to why BoTW and Elden Ring stand out when compared with the vast majority of open world games.

Imalwaysright58d ago


Just got around to reading the rest of your comment and now I have to adress your bullshit.

"they were so lazy to try something new" Elden Ring is literally their 1st open world game so that is a straight up lie. Also, unlike previous FromSoftware RPGs in Elden Ring exploration is just as important as the combat and boss fights so Elden Ring doesn't quite follow the same formula as previous FromSoftware games. Not only is Elden Ring an entirely different genre but it also threw established open world conventions out of the window. FromSoftware took a risk and it paid off for them.

"But hey, atleast i have options to play both the games and not cry about them like i see you doing right now and calling people you don't know useless"

When you have to lie in order to make an argument, that makes you useless.

"And unlike you i have no problems with either of GOWR or Elden Ring winning GOTY"

Surely you're having a laugh. You and your fellow useless fanboys are the ones that feel the need to diminish what was accomplished with Elden Ring. You won't ever see me saying that GoW was the result of laziness despite being more similar to it's predecessor than Elden Ring is with previous FromSofware RPGs. You won't see me diminishing what Santa Monica accomplished with GoW, you won't see me saying that GoW got a pass and you won't ever see me saying that GoW isn't a game worthy of being considered GOTY. You're the ones that have a problem with Elden Ring and all because it took the spotlight from Sony's games. Now, that GOTY awards are being given is when you pathetic useless fanboys start to hate on Elden Ring? I have been coming here since 2007 and I've seen this dance way too many times to not notice what's happening.

"What i notice though is that you always negative on playstation games ... I don't recall seeing you say anything nice about them ...which says alot about you"

I say both good and bad things about Sony's games depending on my opinion on them. For example I recently wrote in this website that SoTC provides an emotional experience that is unmatched by any other game and I remarked how impressive that was considering that Team Ico did it without having to use words or dialogue. See? I can say good things about Sony games too so what does that say about me?

"You sound like an angry fanboy who could not comprehend that people have different opinions than you"

There are opinions and then there are things that are objectively false and things that are objectively true. When I said that the design choices made by FromSoftware are different than those made by the vast majority of studios that make open world games that is objectively true. For example when you say that FromSoftware didn't try to do something new that's objectively false I'm going to call you out on your bullshit.

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mandf60d ago

For those just dumping on Elden Ring, it was a masterpiece and yes it was last gen too. God of war was better in my opinion but stop the bs on how bad elden ring was. Does it have its faults yup but still a masterpiece

Crows9060d ago

They're simply point out the hypocrisy. When it comes to elden much love. When it comes to God of war...oh it's last gen and bad.

Both are great games and yet the narrative that God of war is bad...that's been rampant since release.

TheKingKratos60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

No one is dumping on the game ...for me i want them to start updating the engine and give us something new like Bloodborne and Sekiro....all those years waiting for Elden Ring only for it to look and play like that really hurt my experience because i wanted more of them especially like they did with Bloodborne and Sekiro

SurgicalMenace59d ago

Masterpiece? Really? You rode a horse between locations....the end.

Ashunderfire8660d ago

Looks like Callisto Protocol will take the next gen throne then, even when its crossgen too.

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isarai61d ago

Yeah they stated as much

“When it comes to Ragnarök, from the very get-go, we knew this was going to be a PS4 game because we wanted to support the fanbase - we had so many people that had enjoyed the game on PS4. So from the very beginning, we knew, this is going to be a PS4 game. We're going to make this the best PS4 game we can make. Our goal was to surpass God of War 2018 in every way possible. Having the PS5 version, that's just icing on the cake."

Orchard61d ago

Absolutely nothing wrong with being a PS4 game. Plenty of 'PS4 games' that look and run great.

SullysCigar60d ago

Agreed. I can see both sides. We all want the new systems to fully flex their muscles, but when games look and run as well as GOW Ragnarök and Horizon Forbidden West, it's hard to complain.

It makes sense that they can squeeze more from the old tech at the end of the gen after all the time spent with it. The new consoles bring a learning curve, so the overlap is inevitable.

I do now want them to park last gen for big hitters though. Current gen should be well underway and they've all had sufficient time to be able hit the gas and put the tech through it's paces.

jznrpg60d ago

What Alien body snatched Orchard ?? A reasonable PlayStation post ?

Orchard60d ago

I’ve been pretty clear in the past that I don’t buy into the whole “last gen game bad, holding back next gen” thing.

Plenty of PS4 games that look better than some PS5 games and similarly, we’re still seeing games made that support even older HW in terms of PC.

CrimsonWing6960d ago

I think the main thing is the game could look even better on next-gen (current-gen). Demon’s Souls Remake is still one of the best looking games visually and when you compare Elden Ring to it, it only makes you wish we could abandon last-gen way sooner.

MrNinosan60d ago

Forbidden West, Last of us Part 1, Ragnarök, Ratchet & Clank to name a few, all looks better than Demon's Souls.

Comparing Elden Ring, most games released on PS5 looked better visually.

CrimsonWing6960d ago (Edited 60d ago )


Well, one thing is Forbidden West is still held back by last-Gen watch a digital foundry video on Demon’s Souls and Forbidden West and you’ll see what I’m saying.

While this is treading subjective territory. I’m referring to visuals in the sense of technical achievement rather than artistic direction like you’re referring to.

Sure, things like Last of Us Part 1 and Ratchet and Clank are the next-Gen visuals I’m referring to, you may have noticed I said Demon’s Souls is still “ONE” of the best looking games on next-Gen and like I said watch a Digital Foundry vid to break it down and show you.

The reason I compared Elden Ring is to demonstrate the difference in visual fidelity between a pure next-Gen title and a cross-Gen title of the same genre.

MrNinosan60d ago

I watch everything Digital Foundry puts out, but Demon's Souls video was out over a year ahead of Forbidden West.

The only thing they downtalked regarding Forbidden West was patched, and even they said that the PS5-version actually looks and acts current gen.

CrimsonWing6960d ago (Edited 60d ago )


How is Forbidden West a current-Gen looking/acting current-Gen game in comparison to the last-Gen version?

I guess the question I’m really asking is how is Forbidden West considered a next-Gen experience aside from performance and higher resolution textures? Because that’s no different than taking a last-Gen game on PC and maxing out the settings.

What exactly is that game doing that’s only possible on next-Gen hardware that can definitively separate it as a game on next-Gen only vs last-Gen in a sort of night and day comparison?

CrimsonWing6960d ago


Even they say Forbidden West is not a dramatic difference from the PS4 version except for little things like times, performance, etc.

The side by side comparisons area dramatically different unless you go under things with a microscope.

The very editor said that it just makes him want to see what Guerrilla Games does only with next-Gen games.

That’s the huge argument here is cross-Gen does, in fact, hold back what current-Gen consoles can do.

I think when people start seeing what current-Gen can do they’ll looks back at these cross-Gen games and say there’s a difference.

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S2Killinit60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Without given any spoilers

The first meeting between Kratos and Thos was EPIC. The air was so dense with tension you could slice it with a knife.

Really, can’t give these guys enough credit, espeially in the current gaming climate of fast cash grabs and cash cow seeking developers.

Kodos to Sony Santa Monica!

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