I Can't Defeat Air Man [Video]


"Today's Watercooler features a happy little music video about how difficult it is to beat Air Man in the various Mega Man games. To be honest, I don't recall ever having that big of a problem with Air Man. Yellow Devil, on the other hand, that's one bad mo-fo. Still, I can see how some people might be frustrated by Air Man and how much he sucks and blows (tur-hur!)

Watch it!"

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Cookigaki4654d ago

This video made Cookigaki LOL, partly because it is silly and partly because it kinda sucks.

Twizlex4654d ago

hehe, I was thinking the same thing.

Milk is for Babies4654d ago

Well, you can't really expect the type of person that makes these videos to be a professional singer. I thought it was pretty good.

Twizlex4654d ago

What about "I can't defeat goddamned Sigma!" I hate that guy.

Cookigaki4654d ago

Who is Sigma? Cookigaki does not remember ever fighting robot named Sigma.

Milk is for Babies4654d ago

What the f*** was that? That's not Mega Man. All those X games are just not the same anymore. Thank jeebus for Mega Man 9.

troll4654d ago

Hehe at least it made me laugh.

But Air Man? How about Quick Man? Now that was a tricky level.