High-Quality Need For Speed Unbound Gameplay Leaked Online

New Need for Speed Unbound footage has leaked online. The videos are spreading ablaze on the web, revealing high quality gameplay.

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racer2267d ago

I want a new Sega rally for the holidays.
You hear me mr Yu Suzuki?

Dario_DC67d ago

Sega rally 3 was too meh imo, too realistic.
But I still play 1 and 2 on my arcade cabinet. Love these games along with Daytona USA

tbagmonster67d ago

horrible in every way, and this street urban stuff is getting old, stale and corny

MadLad67d ago

I'll stick with Horizon.
Haven't cared about Need for Speed in over a decade. I don't even know which game is which, or when they came out, anymore. They all just meld together.

RioKing67d ago

NFS Heat from a few years back was surprisingly good and fun to play! If you can get it dirt cheap, I recommend it.

MadLad67d ago

I'll give it a shot.
I know it's on Gamepass, and a friend of mine also recommended that one.
Any time at least two people recommend something to me, and it's of easy access, I'll at least try it out.


ChiefofLoliPolice66d ago

Don't why I am getting all the hate. It was definitely one of the better NFS games in recent memory.

RioKing59d ago

I'd bet those people down voting didn't even give it a shot. You're right, it's the best one in recent memory.

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The story is too old to be commented.