RTX 4090 - But can it run Crysis? - All 3 Remastered versions tested

CG writes: Crytek’s original Crysis release back in November 2007 and became a bit of a meme for crippled PCs during that time when running at high settings. At the end of 2021, Sabre Interactive produced a remastered version (alongside the two sequels Crysis 2 and 3), which was met with a mixed reaction, but still continued the series “But Can it Run Crysis” meme, even naming its highest settings after this. The other two games fared much better as modern gaming experiences. With the Nvidia RTX 4090 releasing recently, we looked back at these remasters to see how well the current king of GPUs performs, despite some possible CPU bottlenecking with the i5 13600K partnership. All three games use max settings, 4K resolution with DLSS OFF (aside from Crysis Remastered which shows DLSS ON and then OFF).

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masterfox61d ago

PC gaming needs another Crysis type of game this era, a game that can only be possible to run in a high end PC gaming machine, providing new type of visuals, currently everyone with RT are like "wow RT is the best thing blah blah" well for me is BS!!!, for example you see a static environment with RT off but then it turns ON and everything objects are more accurate reflective and so everyone going nuts "how good everything looks", well for me is just a waste of resources cause in the end is just a damn Static environment simple as that, when playing a video an online fps, driving etc, everything is going nuts on screen, you think someone will stop playing just to see stupid reflection is accurate?, lol suuure, no that will not happen. Physics effects should be the fuzz of todays GPUs and not RT, cause correct physics in a game it actually can change the way you play a game and create new experiences.

PrinceOfAnger61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

That would be Squadron 42 i hope.
Anyway now first crysis on pc has everything i want in a game i can't think of what more things need to be added it has ray tracing, svogi, 8k textures the environment is fully destructible the trees etc and almost everything, the graphics are so real at max settings PC, it has incredible physics and effects and there are already many mods for it on pc you can play it in third person
in Crysis remastered with
Ray tracing on ,you see the character you play with
you may even see if a soldiers /enemies are behind you while you looking at yourself or looking at other reflective things that can be helpful in Crysis 2 / 3

I just want to see how Crysis 4 will be and if they can surpass what they have done on the first game.

bunt-custardly61d ago

I can agree with you on some points, but not all. Watch Dogs Legion and Cyberpunk 2077 both showcase ray traced reflections on surfaces and vehicles as they and people move through the world. A lot of PC heads agree that Cyberpunk 2077 with ray tracing enabled looks much better than without. V remains a vampire though. I remember when the RTX 2080 came out and people laughed at the poor framerate in games like Tomb Raider. They shrugged off ray tracing as a gimmick. Interesting how many games support ray tracing today though, and thanks to improvements with things like DLSS make it viable for more gpus.

MrVux00061d ago

"PC gaming needs another Crysis type of game this era, a game that can only be possible to run in a high end PC gaming machine"

That would depend on what you regard as high-end PC gaming machine. If we are talking about the 1 - 10 percenters, no developer would be willing to sacrifice that much revenue.

MadLad60d ago

Crysis, in a lot of ways, was a tech demo for an engine.
A good game all the same, but it was meant to tax your system and made for tech not even out yet.
They also licensed out that engine since. When devs do stuff like that, they also have the revenue of people buying the engine from them in mind. And there's potential for hell of a lot more money than one game's sales.

EvertonFC60d ago

You don't have to stop moving to see RT pmsl.

anubusgold60d ago

Cyber punk pc is a pain in the ass to run with ray tracing on at 1440P

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Bepsi60d ago

Crysis 4 is on the way so we could see another rig melting title.

Father__Merrin60d ago

crysis og was a good looking game but wasnt at all oiptimised back in the day

AuraAbjure60d ago

Atomic Heart looks like a system killer.


Still CPU bound come on WTF, it's 2022. What should have been done is a total remake from the ground up to use up to maybe 12-16 cores max. That would be a proper remake the hell with these remasters. We need the whole trilogy done in this way.

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