Assassin’s Creed is too big – AC: Mirage has to be smaller and shorter

Assassin’s Creed has gotten too big and too broad, and to rescue the Ubisoft RPG game series, AC: Mirage needs to be shorter, smaller, and stealthier

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Christopher549d ago

Not sure about stealthier. AC Valhalla, for all its bloat and size, was very stealthy in design.

porkChop549d ago

I'd agree with that. The games just need to be smaller. I dont need 30 hours of great content being handcuffed to 70 hours of bloat. Just give me the 30 hours of the good stuff and call it a day. Shorter dev time, cheaper budget, etc.

Profchaos548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

For as much as I played I felt there was quite a lot of action storm the castle / town / fort style. Very different from the early games where you had to blend into the crowd get close to your target and stealth kill then escape like in ac1.

I don't dislike the action however the size and bloat needs to be halved

chicken_in_the_corn549d ago

It's confirmed to be. Valhalla's size really hurt it imo

P_Bomb549d ago

I haven’t done Valhalla but I platinumed Odyssey and that map was entirely too big.

TheKingKratos548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

It's alot bigger than Odyssey

Valhalla was fun for the first 20 hours or so but it should have ended there it kept on going and going i put 130 hours to finish it and it bored me to tears

They story and side missions are good but the gameplay is so damn repetitive it was too much

Chriswheeler22548d ago

Valhalla was confirmed to be smaller too, but we've seen how that went.

LostPotato549d ago

Given that Mirage is a Valhalla DLC that was axed to release as a full game means I have no doubt it will be smaller. Anyway the article writer should do his research better as everything he wants has already been confirmed.

The next full game is Codename Red set in Feudal Japan developed this time by Ubisoft Quebec who made.Odyssey.

Jayrod548d ago

first assassin creed too small I wish I can get over the wall now is too big who complains about having too much content

TheEnigma313548d ago

No one wants a bunch of filler. Missions begin to become the same.

Abear21548d ago

Yeah it’s about the quality of content for sure, but for some fans the game can’t be too long. If the devs vision is an enormous world I say bring it on. If it gets boring I’ll stop playing. Better than too short and I don’t give a rats steamy crap about finishing everything I buy.

Demetrius548d ago

Ac mirage was posed to be Valhalla dlc well when you think about it that means mirage hasn’t been in development long so that also means why there’s no gameplay vids only “talk” smh here we go again ubisoft half finishing a title in this great gaming series >:/